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ERASMUS DAY - 10 October 2019

It was a celebration to be repeated. Here you can see pictures

Local Community.

A typical local community consists of business operators, public agency staff and residents, and their interactions can include the sharing of resources, information and assistance, as well as the establishment of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers. Is all about? this is the survey made by our students

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News from the project

5 October 2019: Amelia Wròblewska the winner of our logo competition. Who is Amelia? read the article

24 November 2019: LTTA in Palermo. read the article

10 February 2020: Mobility in Romania

12 November 2020: CReTNet Activity - Green Jobs, Green economy, Talents and Start-up

Traditional foods as asset of the local community

They are the best and craft products on the local market but they are not popular at global level. Which tipical products local community have, and what is their intrinsic characteristic? A brief survey coming from the partnership.

First LTTA in Palermo.

Place Branding. How communities build their reputation at global level with city branding strategies.

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Knowing Palermo from above. An awesome clip on Youtube made by the filmmaker Nicolò Piccione.


Report of the activity made in Ramnicu Valcea

Zoom Space: our Country-Partner

Ramnicu Valcea - Romania
Vilnius - Lithuania
Inca - Baleari Island
Vila Nova de Famalicão
Brzozów - Polonia
Palermo - Italy