Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only

Career Planning in Online Business

In the current digital era, being highly qualified and skilled in one's domain has become insufficient for one's success later in life, as ever-changing digital skills and internet literacy are needed in order to let employers find out about your skills and competences or to let potential clients learn about your business.

Our partnership, which involves five schools from diverse areas from EU, was established as a result of the needs identified by the applicant, with which the partner schools resonated. The needs refer to the lack of knowledge and expertise of our vocational students (in various fields such as catering, services, tourism, agriculture, transports, sports) to promote themselves and/or their businesses once they are out of school. Therefore, we intend to equip our students with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences to use online tools for marketing purposes after their graduation. Most of our students (60%-70%) end up being employees in the areas for which they have trained, but sometimes it takes a while for them to do it, due to the scarcity of workplaces that our regions are faced with. Others attempt to start their own enterprises and it has often proved difficult for them to maintain or develop their business due to poor or inappropriate marketing strategies, especially in the virtual space. Therefore, our stated intention is to meet the needs of future graduates and help them avoid such insuccesses starting from school years.