Equity Release Uses

Equity Release Uses

12 Best Equity Release Uses

Some older homeowners live long enough to witness the value of their estates' increase and possibly earn fortunes in tax-free cash from each of their estates; making the wealth of their estates soar to mind-blowing highs.

By now you could have been wondering...

You can imagine what has driven equity release to rise and become a top-rated retirement financial enhancement for many. Whereas some people may still opt to downsize, challenges usually get presented when you realise that you must move far away from your family.

Here's why:

If you are 55 and above, equity release will enable you as a proprietor to borrow money and use the value of your home as leverage, even though you may only repay the funds after you die or move into a permanent care unit.

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The most outstanding modes of equity release are a lifetime mortgage and home reversion plans. The equity release plans provide a real lifeline to help fix many debts or shortcomings in your pension income.

What Can Equity Release Be Used For?

This article provides readers with the 12 best and most practical uses for equity release that you will use to improve the quality of your life:

#1. Home Renovations

If you are thinking of modernising the design of your house design and upgrading your accessories, taking out an equity release will help you efficiently work on your home renovation projects and still spare you some funds for other uses.

Equity Release Uses

The tax-free funds you get from an equity release can help you make your home feel more modern and boost your confidence by living in an environment that's up to par.

#2. Cover Your Home Care Expenses

There are prominent cases regarding negligence in the aged-care systems. Using the funds from an equity release will help you finance more reputable home-care service you get.

Turns out...

Instead of relying on the local government supplications, you can take out an equity release, and utilise the funds to cover any needed financing for you to get the best care. Equity release will enable you to get much more dignity and make you live comfortably later in life.

#3. Mobility Equipment

As age catches up with most people, their limbs become weary, and sometimes they may need to have mobility aid installed to assist with manoeuvring around the property.

And the good news is:

An equity release plan will help you get a respectable level of comfortability by making your home adaptable for you; installing quality stairlifts, adjustable beds, a mobility scooter, and anything else that'll make your life easier.

#4. Pay Off Your Mortgage

Some people might experience stress as they search for means to clear an outstanding mortgage, mainly because you don't know where to start. Carefully consider how, regarding the Financial Conduct Authority, 28% of property owners that got an equity release in 2019 had used it to clear off existing mortgages.


You are free also to take out the equity that's valued and stacked up in your property and use it to repay any outstanding balance on your mortgage.

#5. Erasing All Debts

Some debts may become very costly as time passes, but taking out an equity release may turn out as a convenient option.

It's true...

Releasing equity could seem tricky, but because you only repay after you die or move into permanent care, it stands out as a very suitable financial solution to help you avoid sinking in debt. Although you must always ensure to consult an independent financial adviser, so you understand the overall risks and cost covered.

#6. Making Investments

The most client that take out an equity release uses it to finance their business ideas.

Equity Release Uses

Why not finance yours?

You too, with the sole motivation of building an leaving a legacy, also multiplying your available cash, can use the funds accumulated in your home's equity to make the most out of lucrative investment opportunities that may come your way.

Don't forget to consult your professional financial advisers at SovereignBoss before you risk your equity on investments.

#7. Help Your Friends and Family

The financial crisis and other present economic challenges have motivated people to change and improve the quality of their family's lives.

You can do the same...

An equity release plan, notably a home reversion plan or a lifetime mortgage can get make available the funds needed to assist the generations after you to get onto the first step of their housing ladder by using the capital you give them as a deposit.

#8. Your Dream Holiday

Using an equity release to access the funds valued in your home can help turn your fantasies into reality and enable you to pursue your dream holiday.

#9. Increasing Your Income

Most times your pension won't enable you to meet all your needs, but an Equity release can bolster your pension funds by increasing available funds to make your life way more comfortable and sustainable than it is.

#10. Purchasing Another Home

Most people may merely dream of owning over one home.

And just imagine:

You will bring those dreams to life by using an equity release plan to invest in a second home. Another great alternative is to purchase a buy-to-let property and utilise the excess rental funds to supplement your pension.

#11. Buy Your Partner Out

Over recent years, the divorce rates in the UK have been spiking. There are now numbers of over 100,000 couples trying to overcome the challenges of how to divide their assets.

And that’s just one side of the story…

When nobody can afford to buy the other out; some people may opt to sell the house and split the proceeds. However, if you don't want to go through selling the home, utilising an equity release turns to be the perfect option to source funds to buy your partner's half of the property.


Not only will you be able to buy your partner out, but it will allow you to secure some cash, thus reducing the stress that the divorce may bring on you.

#12. Always Be Modern

You might feel that you're lagging regarding technological progress and world civilisation; an equity release will help you get more modern devices and accessories to ensure that your life remains up to par even in old age.

Equity Release Uses


You could finally get rid of that old furniture, car, and other useless accessories. Life expectancy is on the constant rise, and people now live longer than before. You have more time to enjoy your earned retirement.

To Conclude

Unblocking some equity that's been accumulating with the value of your property and utilising it to fund your development plans can make your retirement comfortable and worth your while.

Therefore, ensure to consult your trusted financial advisers at SovereignBoss and quickly make plans towards the best equity release plan to take and how best you can use it.

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