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An equity release is a method by which you can turn the value that's accumulated in your home into tax-free physical money. It's a long-term loan that you're eligible to apply for when you reach 55 years or above.

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The nature of equity release structures allows you only to repay your loan using the leverage of your property after you pass away or have to move into long-term care, and the property has to get sold.

How Much Equity Can You Unlock from Your Home?

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Please Note:

If you take out your equity as a lifetime mortgage: The total amount of inheritance you'll be able to leave behind for your beneficiaries will reduce. Releasing equity might also affect your tax position; also, your entitled state welfare benefits might get subjected to alteration.

Equity Release Calculator

To add to that...

Every year, interest rates get compounded into the initial equity you've already taken out, and any interest already added.

It would help if you remembered that releasing a lifetime mortgage is a lifetime commitment. If you decide to end the contract sooner, your provider might subject you to repay substantial early repayment fees.


Besides using our online equity release calculator, please speak to equity adviser or have our Sovereign team of specialists call you back to help you make the best equity release decision.

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