Get to know RealBridge

Obtain maximum familiarity with RealBridge before the Championship 

(The use of screens, self explanations, how to load convention cards etc).

Join one or more of the practice sessions which we have arranged especially for this purpose.

Each practice session will last about 80 minutes

Players will be playing XIMP pairs.

How to join?

Please arrange to attend with your partner.  

We will publish a special link to join.

It will be sent by email to the captains and players who have already registered to the Championship. 

Important - Please try to join 15 minutes before the start time, so that if you need assistance with your camera and microphone, then the technical support team at RealBridge can help you.

Practice schedule 

♠️ Saturday 1 June, 2024 - at 11:00 CEST - JOIN HERE

♠️ Sunday 2 June, 2024 - at 18:00 CEST - JOIN HERE

♠️ Monday 3 June, 2024 - at 19:00 CEST - JOIN HERE

♠️ Tuesday 4 June - 2024 - at 13:00 CEST - JOIN HERE

♠️ Wednesday 5 June 20:00 - at 20:00 CEST - JOIN HERE