1st European Online Women's Team Championship

7-9 June, 2024 on RealBridge.


♠️ The championship will be on the RealBridge platform

♠️ The championship is a Transnational event

♠️ The qualifying stage ( 7-8 June, 2024 ) will be played in a Swiss format

♠️ The Final stage -(9 June  2024) will be played in a Round Robin  format 

In the final stages teams will be divided to groups of 8. Teams ranked from 1 to 8 will play in final A teams ranked from 9 to 16 will play in final B, and so on. 

♠️ Each board is played in 07:30 minutes with a courtesy of 2 min at the beginning of each round.

♠️ Line Up - to avoid the complexity of lineup, on every round the players will receive a non-personalized link.  The link will be published in the Micro-Site .

♠️ Preparations

♠️ Kibitzers

Spectators, including any team members not currently playing, may watch play on the delayed kibitzing facility provided by RB. The link will be published HERE

♠️ The Conditions of Contest (CoC) can be found HERE