1st European Online Women's Team Championship

7-9 June, 2024 on RealBridge.


Registration of teams will start on 1st of March and will end on 1st of June, 2024.

For detailed instructions CLICK HERE

♠️ Registration is available from the MicroSite.

Please note: 

If a player is not listed in the EBL's Database, please fill in this form and send it to secretariat@europeanbridge.org (Once the list is updated you will be able to register the team).

♠️ Commitment form - Each player must fill a player's commitment form and send it to no later than 1st June 2024 to the EBL's secretariate via e-mail to- secretariat@europeanbridge.org  

♠️ System Cards -Each pair must send their System cards in advance no later than           1st June 2024, via e-mail to to -  anna@ecats.co.uk ( more instructions below).

System Cards - Instructions

👉  The System cards must be on the official WBF or EBL card. 

👉 The card must be on just 2 pages, with up to 6  supplementary sheets for extra information if needed. The blank cards can be downloaded from here .

👉 The name of the file should be the Partnership Name .

👉  You may send the original Word or Excel file or a PDF created from either program

👉 Note that cards created in a Mac and sent as "pages" or "numbers" files are not acceptable.

👉 Email the cards to  anna@ecats.co.uk and please ensure that you put the name of the team in the email or subject line

👉Each card will be acknowledged so you will know it has been received. 

👉A website with all the cards will be set up and the link sent to you.

Approved system cards will be displayed in this link