1st Information Letter - Published on 24th May 2024

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Welcome Messages to our Participants

Welcome Message from Eric Laurant - EBL President

With great pride and pleasure, I welcome you to our 1st Online European Championship for Women's Teams.

The EBL Women's Committee has worked very hard to set up not only an already very successful training program but now also this 1st Official EBL Championship. 

I hope and expect you will like it!

I wish you all good luck in a pleasant, ethical and friendly championship.

Welcome Message from Oryah Meir, Chair - Women's Committee

We are thrilled to see our vision come to fruition as we conduct the 1st ever Online European Championship for Women's Teams.

We hope this will be a unique opportunity for many of you, to gain international experience in the comfort of your home. 

We encourage you to take the leap and join future international face to face events as well. 

We believe that "where there's a will, there's a way".

I hope this Championship will leave you with a taste for more.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RealBridge team (Shireen Mohandes and Andy Bowles) for their outstanding support at all times during our ground breaking project. 

Meet Your Tournament Directors

Meet your Chief TD - Jeanne van den Meiracker 

Jeanne stems from the Netherlands but resides in Belgium.

She started directing tournaments in 1988. After completing 2 courses given by Ton Kooijman, the chairman of the WBF Laws Committee, she was invited by the Dutch Bridge Federation to the International TD course in 1993 in Amsterdam. Her first task as a certified international TD was at the Student European Championship held in Belgium (1994). Her first task as a TD in a World Championship was in Rhodes in 1996.

Since then, she has been invited and has directed 56 European and World championships including the Bermuda Bowl in Monaco. 

We are delighted to have Jeanne as our Chief TD in this competition, where she serves as a role model for many women Bridge players

Meet your Deputy Chief TD - Jacek Marciniak

Jacek stems from Poland. 

He started his international career as TD in 2004, directing the Youth Team Championship in Prague. 

He honed his skills on International TD courses gaining further titles and achieving the Chief Tournament Director title in 2021.

He has directed countless international events including over 20 European and World championships

We are very happy to have Jacek on board with us in this special Women's Teams Championship.

Are you ready for the Championship? Let's check

Did your team pay the entry fees?

It's €120 per team.

Payment can be made via a bank transfer no later than 1st June, 2024. 

Credit Suisse AG

Rue de Lion d'Or 5-7

CH-1002 Lausanne-Switzerland


IBAN: CH88 0483 5135 2558 8200 0


Did you complete and send us your Player's Commitment Form? 

Each player must complete a player's commitment form sign it, and send it to the EBL's secretariate via e-mail to- secretariat@europeanbridge.org   

The file should be received no later than 1st June 2024 .

Did you send us your partnership's System Card?  

Each pair must send their System Cards in advance no later than 1st June 2024, via e-mail to -  anna@ecats.co.uk 

👉  The System cards must be on the official WBF or EBL card. 

👉 The card must be on just 2 pages, with up to 6 supplementary sheets for extra information if needed. The blank cards can be downloaded from here.

👉 The name of the file should be the Partnership Name.

👉  You may send the original Word or Excel file or a PDF created from either program

👉 Note that cards created in a Mac and sent as "pages" or "numbers" files are not acceptable.

👉 Email the cards to  anna@ecats.co.uk and please ensure that you put the name of the team in the email or subject line

👉Each card will be acknowledged so you will know it has been received. 

Approved system cards will be displayed in this link

Are you familiar with RealBridge? 

If not, it's time to obtain maximum familiarity with RealBridge before the Championship. 

Join, together with your partner, one or more of the pairs practice sessions, which we have arranged especially for this purpose.

Each practice session will last about 80 minutes (It's FREE of charge).

For more information and dates - CLICK HERE  

Schedule, How to Join and Other F.A.Q.


Timetable (all in CEST)

Note: Time per round is (2 min) + (7.5 min x 10 boards). 

There will be 13 minutes at the end of each round for line-up changes, questions, rulings etc.

Friday & Saturday 7-8 June, 2024 (qualifying Swiss)

Round 1: 10:00 to 11:17

Round 2: 11:30 to 12:47

Round 3: 13:00 to 14:17

Break (30 minutes)

Round 4: 15:00 to 16:17

Round 5: 16:30 to 17:47

Protest & correction time, ends at 18:47. 

Sunday  9 June, 2024 (finals, round robin, brackets)

Note: time per round is (2 min) + (7.5  min x 7 boards). 

There will be 10.5 minutes at the end of each round for line-up changes, questions, rulings etc.

Round 1: 10:00 to 11:05

Round 2: 11:10 to 12:15

Round 3: 12:20 to 13:25

Round 4: 13:30 to 14:35

Break (25 minutes)

Round 5: 15:00 to 16:05

Round 6: 16:10 to 17:15

Round 7: 17:20 to 18:25

Protest & correction time ends at 19:25. 

How to join the competition

Each team will have a dedicated page with personal player links. (We will publish the dedicated pages with the links, closer to the event).

When it's your turn to play in a session, all you will have to do is click your own player's link and you will be automatically forwarded to the RealBridge platform. 

After login you need to go to your table. You will recognize your table as it will have your team number and your team name on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions related to the RealBridge platform

You will find everything you need to know about RealBridge in this document

Please read thoroughly 

Do you have more questions?

We are sure you have more questions and we will provide and publish more information in the coming days which should cover and answer all your queries.

Still, you are welcome to send us an e-mail and we will be happy to clarify. 

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