Anchoring a new vision for creative community, family and individual living with the body, mind and spirit wisdom we collectively hold in common.

Entheos Defined

Entheos (ἔνθεος, as it is written in Greek) is a word which means, literally, “the god within.” In classical speculation on art, the inspired genius was said to be entheos, “filled with god,” and because he utters divine words was able to give “birth to beauty.” Entheos evokes the rising of the spirit within, and by it we mean that the authentic self, the creative, artistic and passionate being of a person is the true source of their divinity and inspiration. From the Greek word Entheos is derived the English word “enthusiasm” and we have also seen the evolution of the words “entheogen” and “entheogenic” to refer to natural medicines with psychedelic properties that expand one’s understanding and experience of the self. By entheos we are not referencing a religion, faith or creed, rather we are pointing to a recognition of your personal divinity and to the divinity of others, that you are a creative being and that we are collaboratively creative in community with one another.

Who We Are.

Entheos is an active, global community of makers, healers, artists, thinkers, organizers and leaders from all walks of life. We have gathered around our common interest in the exploration of healing trauma, raising consciousness and manifesting creativity to sculpt a new way of living in the world. Many of us actively participate in shamanic healing communities, work in medical and psychological research, facilitate intimate experience with sacred medicine and are active leaders in exploring the evolution of consciousness.