Camp Resources

By working collectively, Entheos provides a lot of resources for its campers. We do this to make the Burn more comfortable for our campers so that we will all have more energy to contribute to the interactivity that we create for the entire Burning Man community. To be clear, though, we are not a Playa hotel where you can buy a reservation, this is a high-participation theme camp where all members work together to create an amazing experience.

Tent Shade

Entheos builds over 8,000 sqf of ten-foot tall shade structures for our members who are camping in tents. The tops are 100% UV blocking so that your tent does not become an oven in the sun (so nice for sleeping in after a long night of adventuring). The sides are 80@ UV filtering mesh shade cloth that provides shade while still allowing some airflow. These shade structures have been Playa tested in 60mph+ winds and virtually nothing moves inside.


The camp prepares two major meals per day at brunch and dinner. Healthy and delicious food with options for omnivores and vegetarians. This is not beans out of a can type food; our camp members who volunteer to run the kitchen are professional chefs in the default world or are skilled amateur cooks. "Best food I have ever had at Burning Man," is a commonly heard expression around camp. Entheos provides all of the food for these meals, and most people find this to be all of the food that they need at Burning Man (where people tend to eat much less than in the default world). Do, however, bring whatever personal snacks you might want to carry with you while out exploring Burning Man or for those late night munchies.


Entheos has two shower stalls with changing rooms on a raised deck with a pergola roof. They operate on a reservoir pump system. If you pour in one gallon, you get a one gallon shower; if you pour in two gallons you get a two gallon shower.


To lower our carbon-footprint and to minimize noise, Entheos does not allow campers to use personal generators (either stand-alone or RV) for power in camp. We do, however, bring a large scale, trailer-mounted generator to provide power to the camp infrastructure (kitchen, stage, showers, boutique, camp lighting, sound system, etc.) and we set up a power grid to provide power to RVs (30amp, 110) and tents (15amp, 110) with an additional cost share above camp dues. All RVs at Entheos are required to participate in the power cost share. Adding power to a tent is optional, and there are limited tent spaces with the power option available.


Our mobile stage, backed by an impressive sound system and integrated lighting, is the platform for performances, DJs and interactive mischief. This year, the bar will be located on the second story of the stage truck for events like sunset cocktails before dinner. Please note that we do not run a 24/7 bar at Entheos. We do host a number of social events which feature alcoholic drinks for participants who are 21+ (see Interactivity section for schedule). If you are interested in sponsoring and offering additional bar related events, please be in touch.


Entheos will bring to Playa the Twin Flame Kundalini, a set of matching fire art sculptures to frame one of the entrances to our public camp space. We also have ample space for the installation of art created by individuals or groups who are camping with Entheos. If you have an art project that you want to bring to Entheos, please let us know.


The Boutique offers a costume/outfit exchange for both Entheos campers and the Burner community. The space is also outfitted with lighting, mirrors, makeup tables and changing areas. From 2-6PM, the Boutique is staffed with face-painters and make-up artists to help you bring out that sparkly essence for your Playa adventures. Show up for afternoon tea, conversation, and a new flavor a beautiful.

Potable Water

Entheos brings a large amount of potable water to run the camp kitchen, which is producing over 200 meals twice a day. It is not possible for us to also bring all of the drinking and showering water for individual campers. We recommend that campers bring 15 gallons of water per person for personal use during Burning Man. This is typically easy for people who are driving into Burning Man. For those coming in on the Burner Express bus, there are options for you to fill your empty water containers on playa at the Burner Express depot.

Grey Water

Entheos collects and disposes of grey water generated by both the camp kitchen and showers. Last year, this was approximately 2,000 gallons of grey water. To put that in perspective, 2,000 gallons is 16,000 pounds, or eight tons, of water. Any other grey water produced by individual campers is the responsibility of that camper to remove from playa.

Nursery/Kid Space

Entheos builds a play/hangout space for the very young children (infant to 5) of parents who are camping with their kids. To be clear, this is NOT a baby-sitting service, it is a safe, age-appropriate space for kids to relax with their parents and/or approved guardians. Adults without children are expected to respect this space as kids only, and keep all adult activities away from this space. Families and children are welcome at Entheos, and just like Burning Man, kids 12 years old and younger are free when attending with their parents.

Ceremony Space

Entheos provides a private space for camp members, and for screened, invited guests, to engage in a variety of healing modalities, whether physical, mental or spiritual. This might be: massage or other body work; sound, light, or vibro-acoustic therapy; meditation; sacred medicine circles and/or shamanic work, to name a few. It is not, however, a place to hang out and party (there are plenty of other places in camp in which to do that). It is requested and expected that this ceremony area will be treated as sacred space. Active use of the space may be scheduled, either in advance or on playa, through a conversation with Logistic (Camp Lead and Founder) or with Catra (Ceremony Department Head) who will approve use that is consistent with the Entheos mission.