Cost Share

Camp Dues

Camp dues should not be thought of as fees paid for services rendered. Rather, they are a cost share that we all contribute collectively to maximize the creation of an amazing experience for Entheos campers and the entire Burning Man Community. Working together we eat healthier, stay cleaner, remain cooler, reduce our carbon footprint and produce more magic on the Playa. Entheos is not a Black Rock City hotel or a turnkey camp (if you are looking for that you have found the wrong camp). It is the home we make with new and old friends who become family in the desert and lifelong connections. Ultimately, the camp dues save everyone considerable money through our community contributions and efforts.

Camp dues pay for:

  1. Two healthy, full meals per day (vegetarian and carnivore options) at brunch and supper.
  2. Access to private, water in/water out showers with grey water collection.
  3. Power (and fuel for that power) to run the camp, charge electronic devices, provide lighting, and supply power to RVs and tents (at an additional shared cost).
  4. Over 8,000 sqf of shade structures for tent campers.
  5. Propane for fire art sculptures and the kitchen.
  6. Refrigeration for camp kitchen food storage.
  7. Infrastructure rental.
  8. Camp equipment transportation, storage and maintenance costs.
  9. Food permits.
  10. Gifting food and beverages.
  11. Performance lighting, professional sound system, visual projection equipment.
  12. Community structures.
  13. Firewood.
  14. Kitchen and shower grey water disposal.
  15. Printing and IT expenses.
  16. And most importantly of all, and the most expensive, the interactivity that we create as a gift to all of the citizens of Black Rock City.

Entheos 2018 Camp Dues

Entheos camp dues are comprised of three components:

  1. Cost contribution for On-Playa Resources (e.g., food, kitchen and shower grey water removal, interactivity production, etc.);
  2. Cost contribution for Entheos Infrastructure Management (e.g., transportation and storage of camp infrastructure, fleet insurance, repairs and upgrade of camp equipment, etc.); and,
  3. A Leave No Trace (LNT) Deposit that is refundable if all agreed criteria are met.

Camp dues increase monthly as Burning Man approaches. We do this for several reasons:

  1. It encourages early registration so that we can fund build projects that take more time to complete;
  2. Campers who register early tend to be better prepared, contribute more time to camp projects and use less resources;
  3. Campers who register later tend to be less prepared, contribute less time to camp projects and use more resources.

Last year we had twice as many campers wanting to camp with Entheos as we had available space to accommodate. That trend is increasing this year. Our focus is to create a diverse, conscientious, enthusiastic group of participants who collectively manifest the gifts Entheos has to offer as an interactive theme camp to the larger Burning Man community. Camp members who distinguish themselves as outstanding participants (work and play well with others, actively practice the Ten Principles, evince an awesome attitude, and are generally fun people with whom to Burn) are invited to Entheos’ Directed Group Sale (DGS) the following year with access to guaranteed tickets to Burning Man and a place to camp with Entheos.

Late Registration in August:

Limited RV and Tent camping spots available, contact Kate at ASAP to apply.

Camp Dues: $1,000, plus a $250 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $1,250.

Tent power is optional for a cost share of $250 per tent.

RV power is mandatory for a cost share of $500 per RV.

( Camp dues are not fees for services, they are the balancing of the energy it takes to make a camp of this scale happen. It is all energy: labor, time, money, ideas - what matters is the love with which we offer the gifts. Earlier in the year, people give more time than money, later in the year they give more money than time. On Playa, everyone participates the same, does the same number of volunteer hours in camp, and we are definitely a high participation community. There are a lot of ways to go to Burning Man, but this is the way we roll to create spectacular interactivity for all of the citizens of Black Rock City; this is exactly what a theme camp is supposed to be about, especially one placed on the Esplanade. We don't have a big money backer writing $100,000 checks to fund camp; we are old school, grass roots burners who create an amazing experience together. If you want to be a part of helping to create this, )

All 200 camp slots below have been filled.

Core Camp Infrastructure Team (with DGS tickets from Entheos)

60 Camp slots total (60 of 60 filled in February of 2018, NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE)

(Typically these are returning camp members who have been offered access to guaranteed DGS tickets to Burning Man by Entheos due to their significant contributions to camp projects (on and off Playa), and/or have accepted responsibility for major camp departments.)

Camp Dues: $300, plus a $0 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $300.

Event Campers

120 Camp slots total (120 of 120 filled for 2018, NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE)

(Typically these are new camp members who have not camped with Entheos before, or are returning camp members in good standing who only have time to participate during the event on Playa.)

Register by March 30

Camp Dues: $350, plus a $100 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $450.

Register by April 30

Camp Dues: $400, plus a $125 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $525.

Register by May 30

Camp Dues: $450, plus a $150 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $600.

Register by June 30

Camp Dues: $500, plus a $175 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $675.

Register by July 30

Camp Dues: $550, plus a $200 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $750.

Entheos Camp Strike Team:

20 camp spots total, DGS not eligible (20 of 20 filled for 2018, NO MORE SLOTS AVAILABLE)

(Typically, these are camp members who have committed to staying after the event to work with camp strike and clean-up until it is completely done and the last person leaves camp, even if that is as late as Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at 9:00pm. While the dues are higher, 2/3rds of the dues are refunded if commitments are upheld. This is also the best route to being invited to the Entheos DGS ticket sale the following year.)

Camp Dues: $200, plus a $400 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $600.

Entheos Interactivity and Art Sponsors:

50 camp spots total (29 of 50 filled for 2018)

( Some of our Entheos Sponsors are involved all year long in developing the community, as well as being active on Playa from build to tear down; like all of our camp members, we are grateful for their contribution of time, talent and treasure. Other Entheos Sponsors are deeply supportive of the Entheos Community goals, but due to time, distance and other life factors are unable to be as hands on with building camp; these sponsors contribute more financially in place of the time they did not give off-Playa, while still contributing the same volunteer hours on-Playa for operations and interactivity as every other camp member.)

Camp Dues: $1,000, plus a $250 refundable LNT deposit, for a total of $1,250.

LNT Deposit

The LNT (Leave No Trace) deposit is refundable based upon three simple agreements:

  1. Doing three or more volunteer shifts during Burn week.
  2. Packing out of Burning Man what you pack into Burning Man.
  3. Actively helping with camp strike until 6pm on Monday, September 3, 2018 (unless you are on the Camp Strike/MOOP team, which stays longer).

(Entheos is a big camp, and it takes the collaborative effort of ALL of its camp members to run well. If you don’t do your part, other campers have to carry your weight. This takes additional time away from their enjoyment of Burning Man to do what you promised to do, and that is not fun for anyone. We do not do partial refunds of LNT deposits.)


(To reduce our carbon footprint and to minimize noise, Entheos does not permit the use of personal generators in camp unless there is an interruption of the power grid that we provide. Cost of power for common areas like the kitchen, stage and interactive spaces are included in the general camp dues. Provision of personal power for RVs and tents is on a cost share basis at the rates listed. These rates are per RV or per tent, not per person).

Standard RV 30amp/110 volt power

30 RV spots available

Cost share to provide RV power $400 until July 31 and $500 beginning August 1, 2018

Tent 15 amp, 110 volt power

50 tent spots with power available

Cost share to provide tent power $200 until July 31 and $250 beginning August 1, 2018

Payment of Camp Dues

You can send camp dues via PayPal to:

Or via Venmo to: @LogisticBurner

Just be sure to use the Friends and Family setting so they do not deduct fees from your funds. The full amount of the dues need to arrive with Entheos, the camp will not absorb transaction or currency exchange fees. Entheos is not a business that charges a fee for Goods and Services, we are a community that pools our resources and collaborates to create amazing interactivity together as a gift to all of the citizins of Black Rock City.

If you need to make alternate financial arrangements, contact James (Logistic) directly to consider options.