Cost Share

Camp Dues

Camp dues should not be thought of as fees paid for services rendered. Rather, they are a cost share that we all contribute collectively to maximize the creation of an amazing experience for Entheos campers and the entire Burning Man Community. Working together we eat healthier, stay cleaner, remain cooler, reduce our carbon footprint and produce more magic on the Playa. Entheos is not a Black Rock City hotel or a turnkey camp (if you are looking for that you have found the wrong camp). It is the home we make with new and old friends who become family in the desert and lifelong connections. Ultimately, the camp dues save everyone considerable money through our community contributions and collaborative efforts.

Entheos 2019 Camp Dues

Camp dues for 2019 will be announced soon after the annual five day Entheos Vision Retreat (February 6-11, 2019) and after allocation of our 2019 Directed Group Sale tickets (Registration February 12-22, 2019 and Sale February 27-March 1, 2019)