Get Involved

Six Things You Can Do Today!

  1. Follow us on Twitter (endforcedarb@) and signal boost our tweets. Helping us get the word out about the issue applies pressure to Congress to pass the FAIR Act.

  2. Tell us how you learned about forced arbitration! Drop us a line at or DM us with material on Twitter, sharing how you got ramped up on the topic of forced arbitration. We're always looking for great education material.

  3. Send us stories of survivors of arbitration to add to As Senator Blumenthal said, this map to shows members of Congress that ending forced arbitration is a 50-state issue!

  4. Help us find example of contracts with forced arbitration. Check your own employment agreement to see if you're subject to forced arbitration. If you are, let us know at This too helps us show Congress how widespread the issue is.

    1. Want to change your company's policy while we wait for federal legislation to catch up? Download this 1-sheet about how to strike up a conversation at your own company. We can swap strategies on how to mobilize your colleagues to pressure your leadership internally, band together in the future externally and send you some schwag! (What good labor movement doesn't have a pin?)

  5. Write an op-ed with your local paper! Getting the word out is the most important thing you can do, especially in states where members of Congress aren't signed as co-sponsors on the FAIR Act in the House (HR 963) or Senate (S 505). Check out some examples here and here. If you're willing to lend your voice to the fight in your local paper, we are here to help. Let us know at and we'll get back to you ASAP.

  6. CALL YOUR SENATOR! Tell your Senators to support the FAIR Act and think they should too. Never called a member of Congress? It's really not as intimidating as it sounds. Listen to an actual phone call ... and remember, the latest bill number in the Senate is S 505.

If you work at Google ...

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Visit go/endforcedarb and get in touch with us on the internal alias. Even though the company changed its policy for most Googler employees, we still have work to do!