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Participate in #FAIRPhoneBank!!!

Call Congress TODAY and say "pass the FAIR Act!"

If you work at Google ...

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Visit go/endforcedarb and get in touch with us on the internal alias. Even though the company changed its policy for most Googler employees, we still have work to do!

If you work at a company that forces arbitration ...

Want to change your company's policy while we wait for federal legislation to catch up? Try downloading this 1-sheet about how to strike up a conversation at your own company. Let's talk. Contact us at so we can swap strategies on how to mobilize your colleagues to pressure your leadership internally, band together in the future externally and send you some schwag! (What good labor movement doesn't have a pin?)

If you're a consumer ...

Call your Congressional House Representative ( and ask him/her/them tocContact Jacqui Kappler in Congressman Johnson’s personal office or Adam Bradlow in Senator Blumenthal’s office to sign on to the FAIR Act bills in the House & Senate, respectively.