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3nd ELMO Meeting in Imperia, Italy 3-7 October 2022

Posted on 15/10/2022

The Italian partner, Liceo Statale "G.P. Vieusseux" , hosted the 3nd transnational meeting of ELMO project partners, in Imperia. The Norwegean and Spanish teams were physically present while the Greek team due to covid participated virtually from Aigio, Greece.

Day 1

We were welcomed by the principal of our host school in Imperia, Liceo Statale G.P. Vieusseux.

Thereafter a workshop on mobile learning:

Dr Kevin Burden, University of Hull, who is an expert on mobile learning, explained how mobile learning came about. When the iPhone and the iPad was introduced, it allowed you to do most things you do on a computer, and yet you could move about without being restricted to time and space (for example the classroom).

We use the iPac-framework to evaluate three important aspects with using mobile devices for learning:

  • Personalisation: customisation and agency

  • Authenticity: context and task

  • Collaboration: conversation and cocreation: focus on dialogical process

Finaly that day a guided tour in the historic part of Imperia, by Davide, our host and the school´s coordinator for international projects and partner in the Elmo-project.

Day 2

Case Study 3 and iPac assessment

  • Anbjørg presented her Case Study 3 Description, student activity Plastic Ocean, ebook (using Book Creator). Kevin made use of it to demonstrate iPac-assessment and the iPac teacher task survey.

  • Bård Inge demonstrated Curipod. A good example of an interactive activity – the idea is to use it for the online student debate/discussion on sustainability later on.

  • Kevin Burden lectured about innovative mobile learning activities.

Day 3

Two well prepared students from the Italian school lectured us about how to structure a debate and judging a debate. Davide has shared their presentation in the ItsLearning folder. This excellent debate method will be useful for the partners when they plan debate activities with their students.

Thereafter, we shared our Case Study 3 presentation videos. Here you can see Metis‘ contribution:

Day 4

Excursion to Genoa:

Guided tour of Genoa, by Davide, our Italian hosts Davide and Emanuela

2nd ELMO Meeting in Valencia, Spain 4-9 April 2022

Posted on 10/04/2022

Erasmus+ combined two projects Elmo and Citizens Inquiry in a joint transnational meeting in Valencia, Spain 4-9 April 2022.

The Citizens Inquiry project is led by the University of Hull (England) and have partners from Germany, Spain and Metis from Norway, whereas the Elmo project is led by Metis and have partners from Greece, Italy and Spain. Metis along with the partner school from Valencia participate in both projects.

The two projects include different elements but share a common topic Climate and Sustainability. Both projects have focus on student activities, using mobile learning tools and various applications.

The purpose of the joint event in Valencia was to share the Case Studies (student activities) we have worked on with our respective students and discuss the theoretical framework for our Case studies, the so called iPac-model developed by Dr Kevin Burden (the University of Hull).

Read more here:

The Metis team shared the activity their students from the English and Spanish elective courses have worked on, a tourist trail in Bergen with focus on sustainability, using the application Actionbound. See more about Actionbound here:

The Metis-presentation of Actionbound, inspired the Spanish team to arrange a historic tour for us round Valencia, using Actionbound.

1st ELMO Meeting in Aigio, Greece 10-13 January 2022

Posted on 15/01/2022

The Greek partner, 1st General Lyceum of Aigio, hosted the 1st transnational meeting of ELMO project partners, in Aigio. The Italian and Spanish teams were physically present while the Norwegian team due to covid participated virtually from Bergen, Norway.

At the four-day meeting (January 10-13, 2022), we shared the 1st case study (student activities), which we had been working on since the beginning of the project. The Norwegian team presented a sustainable tourism app in Bergen developed using the Actionbound mobile app. Greek team presented augmented reality (AR) applications on the theme of the Aliki wetland developed with the mobile applications Metaversestudio, iNaturalist and

Dr. Kevin Burden, an expert in the iPAC pedagogical framework (, which is the pedagogical theory on which we base our case studies, organized a virtual workshop on the iPAC model from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. In addition, the project's dissemination platforms such as the project website (, social media and e-Twinning were extensively discussed.

Greek school also organized cultural activities for our partners with visits to the CAVINO winery, Delphi, Kalavryta with the toothed man and Ancient Olympia.

According to the evaluation of the meeting held on the last day all partners expressed the belief that the sharing of case studies was very beneficial and the partners were inspired by each other to test new mobile applications presented during the meeting. The continuation of the program will take place between April 4 and 9, 2022, in Valencia, Spain.