Anticipating graduation in 2020, I am now on the job market for positions beginning next Summer/Fall (2020).

I am a researcher pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Psychology focusing on memory, attention, and individual differences with an anticipated completion date of May 2020. I currently work as a graduate research assistant in Dr. Tom Redick's Purdue Applied Cognition (PAC) Lab. While here at Purdue, I earned a master of science degree in 2016 and a graduate certificate in psychological statistics in 2019. Before coming to Purdue, I completed a bachelor of science degree in Biology and Psychology at Elmhurst College in 2014.

Around this site you can find more information about me, my education to this point, my research, and related links.

Fun fact: My last name is pronounced "WEE mers". It's German in origin. I don't speak any German, but I do know enough French to get around a French-speaking country.

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Mail: 703 3rd St. West Lafayette, IN, 47907

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