Teaching & Outreach

As primary instructor:

  • Phil 477: Foundations of Cognitive Science (UIUC, Spring 2022)

  • Phil 425: Social Bias and Stereotypes in Minds and Machines (UIUC, Fall 2021, Fall 2020)

  • Phil 270: Philosophy of Science (UIUC, Fall 2021)

  • Graduate Seminar: Theories of Concepts (UIUC, Spring 2021)

  • Phil 100: Introduction to Philosophy (UIUC, Spring 2021, Spring 2022)

  • Phil 122b: Probabilistic Reasoning (USC, Fall 2017)

  • Phil 122a: Deductive Reasoning (USC, Fall 2017)

As teaching assistant:

  • Phil 254: Science, Knowledge, and Objectivity (Spring 2020, USC, instructor: Porter Williams)

  • Phil 254: Science, Knowledge and Objectivity (Spring 2017, USC, instructor: David Wallace)

  • Phil 166: Current Social and Moral Issues (Fall 2016, USC, instructor: Robin Jeshion)

  • Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy (Fall 2014, Ruhr-University Bochum, instructor: Markus Werning)


Corrupt the Youth poster in the LA LGBT Center.
Talking about the perception of others' mental states at the GPS California.

As special needs instructor:

  • From 2011 to 2015, I worked as special primary school instructor for children with a background of immigration or refuge in the course of projects by the Society for Multicultural Children and Youth Support (IFAK e.V.) and the Society for Social Work and Culture (VAKS e.V.).

Pedagogical training:

Philosophical outreach:

  • I chaired the student organization team of the GPS California in 2018 and co-organized it in 2019. The GPS California is an undergraduate workshop run by USC graduate students and faculty aimed at building a more inclusive philosophical community.

  • During graduate school, I've volunteered for the LA chapter of the Corrupt The Youth program, hosted by the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where I co-taught discussion sections on philosophy's 'big questions'.