For Graduate Students

Publishing in Philosophy


  • Generally, I recommend taking a general science of learning and teaching pedagogy course offered by your university teaching center if available at your institution (such as this one)

  • Handout on online teaching by Elise Woodard and Josh Hunt

  • Diversity reading list; great resource for construction of syllabi, with great meta-info such as degree of difficulty and recommended use. Consider submitting your own work for the data bases if adequate for UG teaching!

  • APA Syllabus Collection


  • Check Upcoming Events and Deadlines at PhilEvents

  • Sign up for Philos-L for events in Europe (I recommend not using your regular email address; you'll get swamped with emails)

  • Check out this very handy document for recurring conference deadlines (authored by Alex Dietz)

For Undergraduate Students

Writing Philosophy Papers

If you've taken any of my philosophy undergraduate classes, you know that I make it a requirement to read through these philosophy writing resources:

Very Useful Encyclopedias & Overviews

Finding Philosophy Literature

Other Resource Pages