Evaluations & diagnosis for STUDENTS or Adults WHO MAY HAVE LEARNING DISABILITIES

Welcome to the assessment process to explore learning potential, abilities and challenges for all school aged children and adults. If you feel you or your child requires learning support or extension, an evaluation of language, cognitive and academic abilities, will advocate for your/their needs.

Gail Hall is a certified educational assessor who holds specialist teaching and assessment qualifications in Specific Learning Disabilities and Special Needs Education. She has had 30 years experience as a Special Needs teacher, working in NZ and International schools. Gail holds registered C level assessor qualifications with NZ Council of Educational Research (NZCER), the British Psychological Society and is a current member of the NZ Disabilities Association (LDANZ) and the Dyslexia Foundation of NZ. She has had experience in the following: NZ curriculums, International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP, Diploma curriculums along with SPELD private tutoring. Gail will do assessments in the Thames Valley/Coromandel, Waikato and Auckland areas but may negotiate travel to other areas .

Gail Hall; Ph +64 021702245 Email: educationalevaluationsnz@gmail.com