Eastern Oregon All Terrain Vehicle Association


Updated January 01, 2022

Well I haven't been doing much updating but maybe I can do a better job this year. I make quick posts on our Facebook page and forget about this, so if you want more recent information check us out there.

We have the OK to build part of the section of single track on MERA that will connect Hillside Ride to Fenceline where it meets Mainline at Up and Away. When the snow is off we can build from where Hillside Ride hits Vaca Loop over to the west end of Up and Away. With any luck by the time we finish that we will have the go ahead to build on over to Mainline. We also have one short section to add to Dead Bull and once that is finished you should be able to ride all of the single track without having to ride any road sections.

The lands swap with Hibbert was completed sometime last year. This involved trading the land on the west side of F.S. 3120 for an equivalent amount of land to the west of the rock pit and Hillside Ride. Sean has plans to add more ATV trail in that area and we are looking at adding a route up to Vaca Loop to bypass the open rocky hillside above the rock pit. This would make for an easier option for those with less experience. If anyone has any ideas for additional trails of any kind let me know and we can look at what you are thinking about.

Work on the firebreak along 201 Mainline on MERA has been wrapped up. They were planning to burn the slash piles in late November or December but I'm not sure that happened.

We got the trails back open after the logging was done. Some of them were a real mess and the trail all but gone in places. I think there are a few places along some of the ATV trails that are not totally clear yet. We'll see how things look in the spring.

We had another MERA motorized trail work day Saturday June 5. We had one of our better turnouts with 8 people showing up to work. We were able to connect Dead Bull to 206 and Detour and get the trail off of 201. It is a nice little addition.

We are up there at other times trying to keep up with maintenance on trails and can always use more help. If you would like to help out you can always text me at 541 805-0172 and you can come help me or I can tell you what needs done if you want to go on your own.

There are plans for more new trail in the cultural area in the 201, 204 area. When that is OK'd we will be able to connect 327 Hillside Ride to Dead Bull. No more riding road, it will all be single track. That will depend on getting an OK from the organizations whose hoops we have to jump through to get anything done in that area. We may also try to extend Dead Bull along the west side of Mainline between the ends of Detour. That would make it possible to ride a complete loop on Dead Bull without riding any road sections.

I believe there is more work being planned to clean up the Breshears system as well as to replace the last bridge. I know Ben has put in for a grant to get a new excavator as the old one is decades old and continually breaks down. If you didn't get a chance to check out the work that was done up there last year make sure to get up there this year. So far they have improved things without taking away the unique character of the system.

We did quite a bit of trail work on MERA last spring and summer. Aside from the normal maintenance that we have to do each year we were able to open up almost 3 miles of new single track trail. This trail is between 201 Mainline and 206, It will be named Detour. It is connected at both ends to Dead Bull. One end at 206 and the other at 201.

We were a little early getting Breshears opened up this year due to the snow coming off earlier at the higher elevations. Rob and I had them open the middle of June this year. For the most part the trails held up pretty good.

The Forest Service worked up there in mid to late July and into early August doing some tread work. They started at the "R" trail and came over Kenny's Mountain and went as far as the bridges on Bell Cr. trail. They moved the trail over in places and rerouted it in others to get it out of some of the worst low spots. The Bell Cr, Upper Breshears junction has been revamped and they moved the trail out of the deep water/mud hole just up from the junction. They also replaced the short bridge next to the one we replaced last year. I think they have, or are going to, do some sign work but due to dry weather and fire danger they aren't doing any other work this year. Possible the the bridge on Upper Breshears will get replaced next year.