Current Newsletter

October 2021

Fall Breshears work day

This years Breshears Trail system fall clean up and water diversion maintenance work day will be Saturday October 16. Let’s meet in the Legacy Power Sports parking lot again this year. Plan to leave from there by 9am. We could really use at least a couple of people with ATV’s to help haul tools to and from the trails.

Recap of the year

This wasn’t the best year for riding or trail work. Spring started off OK. We were able to get Breshears open a couple of weeks earlier than normal and the trails held up good over the winter and spring.

MERA was another story. They had been working on the firebreak along 201 Mainline through the winter and didn’t finish before the snow was off. That lead to much of the system staying closed all spring and into early summer. There was quite a bit of clean up and some minor trail rerouting to do after they were finished. The logging really opened things up along Mainline and it looks a lot different than it did before.

In early June we had our annual MERA motorized trail work day. We had a good turnout and were able to get a new section of Dead Bull open. We are currently trying to finish up the last section of Dead Bull and when that is completed it will make a complete loop.

Then summer and fire season came along and basically shut everything down. I don’t remember exactly but it shut the Forests and MERA down for 2 months? That put a stop to any more work on MERA. The Forest Service had to postpone replacing the bridge on Upper Brehears till next year too. I haven’t been up there in awhile but I am told they were able to get some brush cut back on some of the trails before and after the closure. The plan is to replace the bridge next year. The F.S. is also supposed to get an excavator with a rock hammer and improve another section or two of trail up there.

The Y.S.E.P. classes were kind of a bust this year. The first class was small and the second only had 2 kids that were unable to make the first class. Then the shut down due to fire season caused us to not be able to schedule another class until September. We only had one person sign up so we cancelled the class. We will try again in the spring and hope for a better turnout for classes next year.

See you next spring

We won’t have a meeting this month. The next meeting will most likely been next May or maybe sooner depending on what kind of winter we have. Enjoy your winter and let’s hope next summer we have a longer riding season.

Mark Barber Secretary/Treasurer