DXR: A Toolkit for Building Immersive Data Visualizations

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DXR is a toolkit for rapidly prototyping Data visualizations in XR (augmented, mixed, and virtual reality). A visualization in DXR is a collection of Unity game objects whose properties such as position, color, and size are mapped to data attributes. This mapping can be specified interactively at runtime via a graphical user interface (GUI) or via a high-level programming interface, inspired by Polestar and Vega-Lite, respectively. DXR is extensible, allowing the use of most Unity game objects for custom marks and channels. To learn more, check out the top navigation bar or the following links:

Please help us improve DXR by providing your feedback in the comments section below and by sharing your DXR visualizations using #dxrvis on Twitter. DXR is work-in-progress and is currently under preparation for a research paper submission. For questions, issues, and other requests please visit the discussion forum.

DXR is mainly developed by Ronell Sicat, and Jiabao Li, with Hanspeter Pfister of the Visual Computing Group at Harvard University, in collaboration with Won-Ki Jeong, JunYoung Choi, Benjamin Bach, and Maxime Cordeil. We thank Microsoft for the HoloLens used in this project.