Stafford L Battle

In this short story anthology, AFRO Sci-Fi written by Stafford Levon Battle, you will journey into new vistas that will broaden your appreciation of fiction and thus enrich your understanding of how society is evolving to accommodate all of us. All you need is an open mind.

People of African descent have been writing speculative tales since the 1800s, and their stories, music, images and films are gaining recognition, today. Stafford's anthology offers new worlds that everyone can enjoy and be enlightened. Have fun.

His short stories include:

  • Sword & Soul: Ancient African warriors battle for love and honor

  • Horror: In a southern swamp once used by escaped slaves seeking freedom, an ancient African Tree Demon reeks revenge

  • Fantasy: Your favorite aunt has an affair with a troublesome Nubian demigod who has offended a jealous African Goddess who could destroy the world

  • Weird Wild West: A Sheriff with shaman powers faces desperate odds to protect a town and the woman he loves

  • First Contact: Galactic slave traders interrupt a traditional African wedding taking place in high Earth orbit

New Adult Tales for Adults offers a Moral and a Tease

These are not revelations involving talking spiders or cute monkeys. Read a different side of African fiction; delve into soft porn and hard emotions between the men and women from the "Mother Continent". Jealousy, lust, rage, revenge and betrayal are just a few of the passions on display. African Fables for Adults would be banned in several countries, today.

Inside Adult Fables find:

  • A Priestess who can't keep her clothes on as she plots to marry a god.

  • A brother who lusts for his sibling's wife-to-be, a captured white slave

  • A grandmother seduces a fat merchant to confront a demon living in the walls of every house built by humans

  • Nat Turner, trapped in limbo, has a terrible secret that involves a young girl and a boy

Africa Is Grinding into Controversial Themes for Adults

Traditional stories have to step aside for topics that were often considered taboo. Feminism, gender rights, religion and the freedom to express our beliefs are where modern African literature is moving. Despite the day-to-day troubles in humankind's place of origin, there is tremendous wealth and mind-blowing culture available to the sons and daughters spread around the world

"Adult Fables" is merely the first in a shower of exciting literature to come.