The Origins of DWASF

A brief history

The first exploratory meeting of the Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction (DWASF) met at BonChon in Hyattsville. It didn’t hurt that there was lots of beer and Korean style chicken wings. But the attendees also discussed topics and grievances we wanted to address in the Black speculative fiction world and decided to create a support group to do just that. Most of us had met previously at a science fiction lecture in Baltimore, after which we chewed much fat at a local restaurant, but swore to continue the process of addressing inequities in speculative fiction.

We also planned to present at science fiction, horror, and fantasy conventions; provide tips on writing; offer information on writer contests and retreats; post details on upcoming conventions and conferences; host interviews; provide a venue to showcase works of art; and more. Those who began DWASF are experienced writers, editors, publishers, and web masters. We invite you to join us by looking around the site, and submitting your fiction and essays.

Joel Bernola wins the raffle at the Black Panther Panel at AwesomeCon.