The Summer 2020 DWASF Journal Offers Speculative Stories and Interviews

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Alternative Worlds, Fantastic Perspectives

The War is never over. You must make a stand to defend. Choose a philosophy. Writers and artists are always on the front lines of every revolution. They offer possibilities.

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We are at a pivotal point in history. Adversity brings change to improve our lives.

Stafford L Battle

"I am writing an AFROFuturist Bible that includes the African gods and demons."

Berit Ellingsen

"Try not to lose your head in the Forest of Forgetting. It may be impossible to get home. "

Ayize Jama-Everett

"All fiction speculates, wonders, imagines, projects. That’s all I’m doing at the end of the day, asking questions that I don’t have the answers to."

William Jones

"Afrofuturism is intersectional, and, at its heart, about representation and fighting erasure through a kind of cultural activism."

John E Lawson

"Beware the squid, beware the squid!!"

B Sharise Moore

"The love of your life can live for centuries . . . so what do you have to offer . . . a ring?"

LH Moore

"Opportunities for writers of color creating speculative fiction are unlimited. This is our time, again."

Chad E Smith

"Time travel is difficult for lovers seeking redemption or politicians hungry for respect."

L Marie Wood

"You can find AFROCentric horror stories everywhere, for instance, consider Sunday Morning."

K Ceres Wright

"All of us are poets, but very few have the courage to pick up the pen or tap on the keyboard."