Media Literacy in the Classroom

Center for Media Literacy:

good definition and links to explore deeper

Video clips --- some for classroom deconstruction

Why media literacy is important

How to Teach Media Literacy

Educator Resources

Best Practices - could be used to guide a parent presentation

Partnership for 21st Century Skills:


Reimagining Citizenship for the 21st Century - review and evaluate if it would be good for your staff/parents etc.

Resources for Educators

Resources for Parents and Communities

The story of the 4Cs - 5 min video

Don't Forget:

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

Kids love Parody

Media Literacy Books

Media Literacy Now:

Media Literacy Education Resources

Read through some recent blog entries, find some that stand out

WHAT - What is Media Literacy


Discussion Topics:

1. How would you describe media literacy to you colleagues?

2. Identify the 5 most important reasons to study the media in your classroom.

3. Questioning the Media, how does this apply to your classroom?

4. Making a Case for Media Literacy in the Classroom, what are your opinions?