All Courses Offered

This is a list of all the courses that have been offered at Unionville Elementary School in the past. When planning for future semesters we review the courses and try to vary the offering appropriately. The list is provided as a reference when tracking courses that you have taken while planning your future enrollment.

ED7050 Microsoft Office

ED7052 PowerPoint

ED7041 Internet as Teaching Tool

ED7123 Web-Based Lessons and Resources

ED7320 Digital Video Documentary

ED7171 Apple iMovie

ED7134 Integrating Technology in Social Studies

ED7316 Digital Cameras and Imaging

ED7013 Basic Computer Graphics for Teachers

ED7172 GarageBand

ED7080 Integrating Technology into Communication & Language Arts

ED7081 Integrating Video into Mathematics Across the Curriculum

ED7053 Excel for Educators

ED7173/ETEC508 Digital Communication-Blogs and Podcasts

ED7323/ETEC502 Digital Storytelling

ED7191 iMovie - level 2

ED7060 iTeach - Technology Intensive - (iPod Touch course)

ED7063 Integrating Video and Digital Imagery -(Flip Camera - only offered once)

ED7055 Integrating WhiteBoard Technology

ED7066 Integrating Handheld Technology

ED7035/ETEC505 Online Tools and Collaboration

ED7176 Podcasting in the K-6 Classroom

ED7039 Macintosh iLife Overview

ED7038 Macintosh Basics for Novice Users

ED7068/ETEC513 Integrating iPad Technology in the Classroom

ED7057 Powerpoint and Keynote in the Classroom

ED7076 Internet Responsibility for Students

ED7177 Podcasting as a Documentary

ED7406 Photoshop for Teachers

ETEC512 Integrating Technology in the Classroom