Downtown Residents Association Windsor

Welcome to the Downtown Residents Association Windsor website! The DRAW provides residents of the Windsor downtown area a voice. We are an elected body chosen 100% by residents of downtown Windsor.

The DRAW works with different levels of government to advocate for the voices of our members. If you are a resident of the downtown, you are already a member. You can come to any of our annual general meetings and vote on areas of concern, elect representative to our executive board, and speak on a variety of topics.

The DRAW was created in 2008 and has been meeting on a regular basis to fight for our downtown residents. Some of our success have included:

  • The Downtown Farmers Market (Held every Saturday from late May to early October)
  • Save our Schools: The DRAW successfully faught against the closure of schools in our area
  • Municipal election debates: hosted by the DRAW in 2014

Interested in joining or contacting the DRAW? Send us an email!

We are currently seeking directors to help advocate for their areas of the downtown. If you already are part of a community group, we'd like to connect with you as well!