1. What is the difference between the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC) and the DRAW?

Answer: The DWCC is a mix of residents of the downtown area with experts from outside. They work together to create projects to promote well-being of downtown residents while the DRAW advocates for the needs of her residents to various groups, including the DWCC, the DWBIA, and the City of Windsor. The DRAW is controlled 100% by the residents of downtown; they are the only stakeholders. The DWCC is formed of only 49% of downtown residents while the other 51% stakeholders may be from anywhere else. Finally, the DRAW is not affiliated with any religion, while the DWCC is rooted in Christian faith and values.

2. Is the Downtown Farmers' Market still ran by the DRAW?

Answer: No. On January 1st, the board of the DRAW passed control of the market to the DWCC while it transitioned with a few new ideas.

3. What happened to the Windsor downtown neighbourhood project (WindsorDNP)?

Answer: While the project has fallen under the wire, the DRAW is still committed to seeing the project completed. We have been working with groups like the DWCC and Neighbourhood Watch to move forward on some new components. If you have signed up as a community leader, you should start receiving new updates soon. If you would like to sign up, please send us an email.

4. I want to be part of the DRAW, but have limited time/knowledge/ability/etc. Should I still sign up?

Answer: Yes! We hold monthly meetings with a short recess in the summer. If you are only able to attend 2 or 3 meetings a year, you can still get your voice heard. The most important meeting to attend is the annual general meeting that happens once a year. Otherwise, much of our interactions take place via email that is put into our minutes at the following meeting. That means, you can send us your thoughts before a meeting, and those opinions will be recorded in the next meeting as if you were there.