1. The mission of the Downtown Residents Association Windsor is to unite the diverse communities of Downtown Windsor and to provide an innovative forum for all community stakeholders to contribute to a healthy, vibrant and inclusive Downtown neighborhood.
    2. The Constitution is the fundamental principles of the Association.
    3. The corporation shall be named This organization shall be called "Downtown Residents Association Windsor", hereinafter known as the DRAW.
    4. DRAW is incorporated by letters patent dated May 16, 2008.


    1. The objectives of the DRAW shall be:
      1. learning and advocating for the needs of downtown residents
      2. creating an organization that truly represents the diversity of people and the interests of downtown
      3. promote interaction and communication with the downtown community and adjacent neighborhoods to advance common interests and goals
      4. advancing the cultural and social interests of the residents in the downtown area of the city of Windsor in the province of Ontario
      5. carrying on research and investigation into problems connected with ownership, development, management, financing and promotion of real property in the downtown area of the city of Windsor
      6. represent community interests in all matters dealing with the city of Windsor and other governmental jurisdictions
      7. monitor and communicate with city employees and departments that serve the downtown area in the city of Windsor
      8. utilize all city, county, provincial and federal mandates to enhance the quality of life downtown
      9. consult with city officials regarding development plans for the downtown area
      10. encourage activities that highlight public safety, neighborhood beautification, residential and economic development and historic preservation and renovation
      11. to make the DRAW accessible, honest, and fair, to the largest number of downtown residents as possible.