Drawdown DCIS

Join the Drawdown Dialogues with the Delaware County Institute of Science

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The Delaware County Institute of Science is continuing its virtual engagement for DCIS members and the greater community in 2021 with a program to educate and engage individuals on the science and solutions to global warming. We will connect for monthly discussions lasting one hour, focusing on each of the Project Drawdown sectors, tapping into this international organization's efforts to reach "drawdown" (the point in the future when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline). We all have a role we can play in addressing climate change, and the most important first step is to talk about this subject.

We are calling these monthly sessions Drawdown Dialogues. Our idea models and is similar to a book club, where each month participants engage with some common material ahead of time on their own, and then come together. For Drawdown Dialogues, we are asking participants to individually review thematic online resources (short videos, articles, podcasts, etc.) and then come together in Zoom to listen to a moderated discussion with one moderator and at least two experts in the discipline of that monthly topic. This is not an hour-long presentation/webinar with prepared PowerPoint slides - it is designed to be a discussion with experts and non-experts as we explore science and solutions. The discussions would be one hour in length and take place in Zoom.

After each session, it is time to take action! We will be utilizing the ecochallenge.org platform to bring our community together to engage in the Drawdown Ecochallenge, an opportunity to commit to one-time or repeating actions "that are most relevant to us, to make this great spinning dot we call home a healthier, more equitable, more sustainable place." Each month, we will use the ecochallenge.org platform to work towards one or more of the over 100 solutions to global warming, connecting to the thematic content of the prior month's discussion. Sign-ups start now to join the Drawdown DCIS Ecochallenge team!

We encourage you to explore the work of Project Drawdown, then check out our schedule of session topics and dates for discussions. We hope you will sign up to join us for the conversation!

Drawdown Dialogues is being supported by the Sustainovation Team at Penn State Brandywine.

If you have any questions about the Drawdown Dialogues program, please contact Dr. Laura Guertin (guertin@psu.edu).