Resources and Links

  • Learn more about the John Smith Landfill expansion at the San Benito County Planning Department web site by clicking here.

  • Frequently asked questions about the Landfill can be found here.

  • Read this article about Waste Connections, the $5 billion, publicly traded corporation that operates John Smith Landfill.

  • Get future updates, or join neighbors to stop the landfill expansion, by sending your e-mail address to DontDumpOnSanBenito@gmail.com.

Articles of Interest

Below are relevant articles recommended by volunteers helping with Don't Dump on San Benito:

    • Waste Connections' landfills, scattered around California, are among the top 3 methane emitters in California. Methane is a much worse greenhouse gaas than carbon dioxide. The three biggest landfill companies in California emit more methane than the top three oil and gas companies. Hence California legislators are likely to take action in the near future to limit landfill emissions. Read the article here.

    • John Smith Landfill is in a seismically active area (located between the Quien Sabe Fault, the Tres Pinos Fault, and the Calaveras Fault). Hollister is well known as one of three "Earthquake Capitals of the World" for good reason. This means that efforts by the landfill operator to keep dangerous toxins from leaking into our groundwater will be much more difficult, if not impossible, due to future seismic activity. View Map of Earthquake Faults in the Hollister area here.