80% of Garbage is from Out-of-County!

Santa Clara and other counties use beautiful
San Benito as a cheap dump.

Hello San Benito County Residents!


To let the Supervisors of San Benito County know your thoughts. Send your comments to Supervisors@cosb.us:


Do we want San Benito County known for......

* The Pinnacles National Park

* Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area

* Vineyards and Wine Trails

* Our Agricultural Fields, Fruit Tree Farms and Nut Farms

* Our Mountain Ranges and Open Space: Hiking and Astronomy

* Bird Watching


* DON'T ALLOW the 5 fold expansion of the John Smith Road Landfill from 95 acres to 483 ACRES.

* DON'T ALLOW any additional out-of-county trash to be buried in the John Smith Road Landfill

* DON'T ALLOW an increase to 2,300 tons of trash PER DAY to be buried at the John Smith Road Landfill LESS THAN 240 TONS OF TRASH DAILY IS FROM RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES WITHIN SAN BENITO COUNTY.

WITH 2,300 tons, 89.95% of all trash buried would be coming from 5 OUT OF COUNTY sources

* DO THE MATH...NUMBERS DON'T LIE... the revenue from the John Smith Road Landfill does not cover the expenses incurred by the County and its residents to our infrastructure, environment, air quality, quality of life, safety of our children and next generations.

* READ THE LIST OF PROPOSAL and Alternatives in the John Smith Road Landfill dEIR...

Proposal: 2.300 tons of trash per day on a 483 acre footprint



Alternate 1A: 1,700 tons per day EXPANSION on landfill footprint of 483 ACRES ....once they have the acreage what will stop a future expansion request on the land (applicable to all of the alternatives)

Alternate 1B 1,700 tons per day on landfill footprint of LESS THAN (???) 483 ACRES

Alternate 2A: 1,000 tons per day on landfill footprint of 483 ACRES

Alternate 2B 1,000 tons per day on landfill footprint of LESS THAN (???) 483 ACRES

Alternate 3: 300 tons per day Expansion of landfill with an expanded footprint


Alternate 4: The Southern Landfill Alternative...continue operations of existing landfill until it reaches capacity and then creating a NEW LANDFILL on the 101.3 County owned acres south of JSRL. ******BUT THEY WANT AN ADDITIONAL PURCHASE OF 67 ACRES ADJACENT FOR SOIL STOCKPILE PURPOSES. THE CURRENT LANDFILL ON 95 ACRES HAS HAD SOIL STOCKPILE REQUIREMENTS MET WITHOUT NEEDING ADDITIONAL ACREAGE

Alternate 5 Transfer Station....construct facility Transfer Station in or near the City of Hollister to transfer waste to another landfill

Thank you!

John Smith Landfill Expansion Plans

  • County Supervisors want to expand the John Smith Landfill by 5 times its current size.

  • John Smith Landfill is now 95 acres. After adding 388 acres, the landfill will total 483 acres.

  • The landfill will also grow 29 feet higher than is currently allowed. It will be 949 feet above sea level.

  • Amount of daily garbage buried at the landfill will grow from 1,000 tons to 2,300 tons (plus 575 tons of recyclables).

  • 80% of garbage is currently from out-of-county (mostly from Santa Clara County, according to the County's Landfill FAQ #12).

  • After the landfill expansion, about 90% of the garbage will be from out-of-county.

  • The average charge for out-of-county garbage is $28/ton, but $45/ton for in-county garbage. (See the County's Landfill FAQ #14.)

John Smith Landfill would not need to be expanded by 5 times if it served mostly in-county residents & businesses.

Who Benefits from Expansion?

    • Rich counties like Santa Clara County want to use John Smith Landfill because their residents don't want new dumps built. They also save money by dumping at John Smith Landfill which charges much less than other landfills in our region ($28/ton vs. $91/ton at Kirby landfill in Morgan Hill).

    • Waste Connections, a publicly traded, $5 billion corporation, generates strong profits from John Smith Landfill, which they operate. Santa Clara County pays them handsomely to solve their waste problem. Waste Connections is the third largest solid waste company in the U.S. and has many landfills in other states and Canada.

    • Our County government receives fees from Waste Connections for allowing them to operate the landfill in San Benito County. (Read details here.)

Who Pays the Costs?

Residents living near John Smith Landfill will have to endure:

    • More truck traffic, noise, diesel pollution, and damage to local roads.

    • More air pollution from landfill emissions (methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide with bad smells).

    • Risk of groundwater contamination for domestic wells nearby. (Dumps often leak toxic chemicals over time. This is a bigger risk due to frequent earthquakes in the Hollister area.)

        • Lower property values, and difficulty selling properties closer to the landfill.

    • Loss of bucolic, natural landscape and habitat for wildlife.

Taxpayers will foot the bill for cleaning up John Smith Landfill if it leaks toxic chemicals in the future. (Waste Connections plans to transfer ownership of the landfill to the County when the landfill expansion is approved. This means that Waste Connections can maximized their profits in the future by passing all liability to the County and taxpayers.)

California Residents will endure the consequences of climate change contributed by methane gas from John Smith Landfill. California's landfills generate more methane (a potent greenhouse gas) than California's oil and gas industry. Read about it here and also here.

Are You Near the Landfill?

Take a look at the map below to see how close you live to an expanded John Smith Landfill.

What Can You Do?

You can also send an email to all County of San Benito Supervisors at supervisors@cosb.us.

  • Contact the following for more info or to help out (we are all volunteers):

  • Donate to our legal defense fund by clicking here.

  • Join your neighbors to help fight this landfill expansion.