Hundreds of puppies are neglected or thrown into shelters year round due to behavioral concerns that new owners don't have time or patience for. I am passionate about trying to overcome this issue by creating a close-knit network between breeders, shelters, and trainers.

By partnering with breeders and starting training early for their pups on a few basic commands and common behavioral modifications, giving discounts to their clients on training for their new pups, all the while getting and keeping them connected to a trusted, professional trainer, we will work together and keep these puppies in "furever" homes! Training can start as early as 7 weeks old, giving new pup owners the option to purchase a pup that is already familiar with commands such as Sit or Stay, and behavior modifications such as Potty Training or Crate Training. New pups will also recognize their names!

Doggone Smartie Paws volunteers at local shelters, introducing the homeless pups to obedience cues, socializing them, and beginning the work to curtail any known behavioral concerns in high hopes of getting them a higher chance of, not only getting chosen for adoption, but finally getting into the home that will be their furever home.

DSP doen't stop there. By reaching out to SOS Rehoming cases with discounts on any training service, DSP asks current owners to give their pets one last chance!

A Day at GCHS

DSP spent the day with two pups at the Gulf Coast Humane Society located in Corpus Christi, TX. We socialized, practiced obedience cues such as sit and recall, and so much more! These pups are working hard at a chance to be chosen into a Furever Home.