About the Trainer

Kiirsten Daniels, ABCDT


I am so grateful that you have taken an interest in DSP and in getting to know me.

I am a proud dog-mom to a gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier, Maddison.

Obviously, I am a HUGE animal lover. As a child I was always bringing home new pets, from cats and dogs, to birds, rabbits, and turtles. It didn't matter how many legs it had, it was cute and I just needed to keep it. I wasn't raised with a silver spoon or many luxuries, but this is not a sob story; I found that when I rescued these animals, it brought a sense of joy and purpose to my life, but most importantly, comfort during the periods of life that weren't the brightest. My Yorkie, to this day, is still my shoulder to cry on. There's not a single tear that can drop from my eyes that she won't lick up, no cry session spent alone!

I spent most of my life working with all different kinds of animals. For my first job I worked with special needs horses at a neighbors farm where I also got to handle cats and dogs. I then journeyed off to Tuskegee University where I studied Animal Science and even got a job working at a Comparative Medical Resource Center on campus, working with lab rats! I am also a former Doggie Daycare Supervisor where the lives of many of our furry loved ones were in my hands for a full days worth of off leash activities and socialization.

I am an Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Obedience Instructor. I am certified in canine body language and pack behavior through The Dog Gurus. I am also certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. I currently have a checklist of so many other certifications I desire to obtain, so my cert list will not stop there! I am head over heals with learning more about the little lives that we adopt and bring in to care for.

I have dedicated my life to studying our furry friends in every aspect possible so that I can be the most reliable source of care and training to both you and your pet.