DSP Star Students

Meet Casey:

Casey reached out to DSP when she was at her lowest. She had been excused from her Doggie Daycare pack for chomping on human ankles. Unable to play with her beloved friends, Casey decided that she was ready to take the necessary steps to becoming the best dog she could be to get back to her friends.

Casey signed up for DSP Day Stay and Train where she spent long hours perfecting her obedience and social skills. 1 week into her training, Casey was doing off leash work, learning how not to bolt out of open doors, and so much more. She was truly a star.

After 4 long weeks of being isolated from her friends, Casey got accepted into another Doggie Daycare program where the staff say that she is the sweetest dog and listens extremely well. Casey has been making tons of new friends, both 4 and 2-legged, and even celebrated her very first birthday with her new pack.

Congratulations, Casey!