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Hi there! I'm Denise J. Hart, a  playwright|dramaturge|director, raised in the midwest, who's lived in the nation's capitol for 30 years.  I'm a bit of a globe trotter, which means I'll work pretty much anywhere a story takes me!  

For the past 24 years I've helped shape the lives of hundreds of young adults through my role as area coordinator for writing for stage and screen with a focus on playwriting  and TV Scriptwriting at Howard University, where I'm a full professor in the Department of Theatre Arts.

 Memory, history and the impact of systemic racism on family is a guiding force in my work as a playwright. Using story to create an entry point for self and community introspection and interrogation are the twin light bearers that fuel me to continue to craft plays that center the underrepresented African American experience on stage.

While you're here, please check out my work:  current research, playwriting, TV Scriptwriting/Play Development and Production dramaturgy and  directing

Scroll down to  learn about the projects I'm working on and where I'll show up next in the world. Hey, you never know, maybe we'll bump into each other! 


Denise Joy, MFA


September 21-30, 2023Washington DC

Acting Workshop

September 30, 2023Bowie State University, Maryland

An Evening with Historian Jon White


February 2, 2024