Euro Finans Diving Lund

October 30-November 1


Welcome to Lund

Since 1982 SK Poseidon and Lund have hosted the international diving meet Euro Finans Diving Lund with guests from all over the world.

The Euro Finans Diving Lund story begins in 1982, when the Högevall pool still was brand new. The first seven years the meet was called Speedo Cup, but 1988 it was renamed Diving Lund and since 2018 it's called Euro Finans Diving Lund. We have had visitors from all over the world, from Australia and China to USA and Canada. Our European friends have always taken part faithfully.

Diving Lund is the friendliest diving meet in Europe and takes part in Lund, Sweden. Dates for the meet is from October 31-November 3 2019. We believe that a diving meet is a great way to meet new friends from other parts of the world. 2019 Diving Lund will be arranged for the 37th time!

SK Poseidon and Euro Finans are happy to welcome you to Lund!