At the meet

Arriving to Lund

When arriving to the pool, please report to our club office. It is situated to the left when you enter the building. You will get a goodie bag with food tickets, t-shirts, keys to the school and other information. You will also get a Diving Lund accreditation card. Please use this in the pool entrance. Please also check with the office that all the economical issues are all clear. All divers must sign their dive sheets at the office before Thursday 19.00.

The Pool

At the pool entrance you will get a electronic key band for the lockers. A lost key must be replaced with 150 SEK. The lockers are situated at the second floor. Use the locker rooms marked ”Diving Lund”. All divers need to shower in the shower rooms before getting into the pool water. Spectators can enter the pool free of charge. They can receive a barcode ticket at the pool entrance.

You are not allowed to use other parts of the pool without paying. You should not pass through the Adventure pool on your way to and from the diving pool. You must return the key band at the office before Sunday at 16.00.

Dive sheets

Dive sheets must be registered at The sheets must be registered not later than Monday 26th October. It is possible to change the dives until 18.00 the day before competition. (On Thursday changes can be made until 15.00.) Changes after this hour can be made with a fee of €5 (until the competition starts). Divers who don’t register their sheets in time will be canceled from the event.

  1. Go to web page:
  2. Choose Euro Finans Diving Lund from list of available meets
  3. Follow the instructions on the web page

Sheets must be signed by coaches or divers at the office when arriving

Technical Meeting & Judges Meeting

There will be a technical meeting at the conference room on the second floor, above the office on Thursday at 19.00. Directly after the meeting we will have a judges meeting. We would like all judges to be there. You will find a updated list of judge panels on On the technical meeting the list will be finally set.

All judges are asked bring white neutral clothes to use during judging. All coaches will get a white Euro Finans Diving Lund shirt. This can be used when judging.

Training Hours

Wednesday: 17.00 (16.30*) - 20.00

Thursday: 09.00 (08.30*) - 19.00

Friday: 07.00 (06.45*) - competition starts + during lunch breaks

Saturday: 07.00 (06.45*) - competition starts + during lunch breaks

Sunday: 07.00 (06.45*) - competition starts

(*Access to dressing rooms)

Opening Ceremony

There will be an Opening Ceremony on Friday afternoon at 17.00. Only two divers from each team. Please gather 16.45 at the stairs to the lockers.

Dry land facilities

The dry-land training room behind the spectator stands can not be used due to safety reasons. Dry board can be used during training hours under supervision of a leader.

Lunch and dinner hours

Arrangements concerning lunch and dinner is still not confirmed.

Lunch and dinner hours


Coffee and sandwiches for coaches and judges will be served at the pool during competitions from Thursday!

Coaches Party

Diving Lund has the honour to invite all coaches to a Coaches Party on Friday at 19.00-22.30. There will be served refreshments and snacks in the café on the second floor just above the office. This is an opportunity to meet other coaches and officials from the other clubs. Hope to see you there!

Divers Party

On Saturday night there will be a party at Polhem school at 18.00-22.30. A buffé will be served and there will be a disco for the divers in the basement. The coaches can socialize with some refreshments while the divers enjoy themselves.