Eat & Sleep



We have arranged an offer for accommodation at Hotel Lundia, Hotel Finn and Hotel Concordia between October 30 - November 3. The clubs book directly yo the hotels, see details below.

Hotel Lundia:

  • Triple room SEK 1795
  • Double room SEK 1495
  • Single room SEK 1345

Email or call us at +46 46-280 62 00 (CODE #644204)

Hotel Finn:

  • Triple room SEK 1195
  • Double room SEK 895
  • Single room SEK 795

Email or call us at +46 46-280 62 00 (CODE # 645707)

Hotel Concordia

  • Triple SEK 1450
  • Double SEK 1250
  • Single 1050

Email or call us at +46 46 - 13 50 50 (CODE # Diving Lund 20191030)

The offer is valid until one month before arrival.

Payment rules: Pre payment three weeks before arrival.

Room fee is per night and including VAT and breakfast.

School Accommodation:

Accommodation at the Polhem School with full board. You need to bring your own sleeping-bag and mattress. Unfortunately we can't offer this alternative unless a total of 15 persons or more (from different clubs) choose it.

Polhem school with full board:

  • Thursday lunch - Sunday lunch: SEK 1830
  • Friday lunch - Sunday lunch: SEK 1575

Book this by using the club registration form.


We offer food packages including lunch, dinner and divers party during your stay. This is included if you choose to stay at the school.

  • Lunch is served at StadsparkscafĂ©et close to the pool in the City park.
  • Dinner is served at Hotel Lundia close to the railway station.
  • The divers party on Saturday is held at Polhemskolan not too far from the pool.

Check the map see find all locations.

  • Wednesday dinner - Sunday lunch: SEK 1085
  • Thursday lunch - Sunday lunch: SEK 960
  • Only the divers party Saturday night: SEK 275

Book this by using the club registration form.