Events and series

Events and series


Wednesday: 17.00 - 20.00

Thursday: 09.00 - competition starts

Friday: 07.00 - competition starts + during lunch breaks

Saturday: 07.00 - competition starts + during lunch breaks

Sunday: 07.00 - competition starts


The competition starts on Thursday at 16.00 and will finish on Sunday not later than 16.00. With reservation for changes. The event schedule will be presented when registration has closed. Updated schedule here.


The pool Högevall in Lund was built in 1980. After 30 years of serving the citizens, it was time to modernise and grow bigger. During 2011 and 2012 the pool has been through a major renovation. The diving pool has been isolated from the rest of the pools and a spectator stands has been built.

Diving Facilities are

  • 2 * 1 metre Maxiflex springboards
  • 2 * 3 metre Maxiflex springboards
  • 3-5-7½-10 metre platform
  • Dry land springboard (Maxiflex)
  • Bubble machine