Digital Citizenship

ED 505

Professor: Wendy Cowan

Sara Allen, Tammy Bailey, Potricia Clark, Taylor Gray, and Raegan Lemmond

Digital citizenship is who YOU are online. It is knowing and executing appropriate use of technology to protect yourself and others. Do YOU have what it takes to be a good digital citizen?

Digital citizenship encompasses a wide array of online awareness including ethics, digital literacy, screen time management, digital empathy, and your digital footprint just to name a few.

So how can we explain a good digital citizen to our students? The super hero in the video below can help us out! In this video from Common Sense Media, we can see the actions of a super digital citizen.

Need a way to explain a digital trail or digital footprint to a friend, family member, or student? Check out the video from Common Sense Media below.


-Only sharing information with the permission of those involved

-Reporting inappropriate behavior to an adult or the website owner

-Being kind in comments

-Staying on websites provided by your teacher

-Choosing to avoid commenting on an inappropriate post

-Only reusing images that have been labeled for reuse

-Recognizing a scam for "free" things and choosing not to click on it


-Posting pictures or videos of others without their permission

-Creating an inappropriate comment to post on social media

-Going to sites that are not recommended by your teacher

-Sending vulgar or disrespectful emails

-Using the internet to cyberbully a classmate

-Using inappropriate language on a social media post or comment

Resources for Digital Citizenship:

Common Sense Media is a great resource for parents and educators to catch up on the most recent internet and social media trends. Here, you can find articles, lesson plans, and kid friendly videos to educate yourself on digital citizenship and pass the knowledge off to your children and/or students.

NearPod has great lessons for digital citizenship that are broken down by recommended grade level. Many lessons on NearPod require a subscription; however, the lessons on digital citizenship are completely free! All you need is a free NearPod account, which you can create by clicking here.

BrainPop! is a free, kid-friendly website that has games and lessons for almost 20 digital citizenship topics including peer-pressure, cyber-bullying, copyrights, and digital etiquette just to name a few. (See the infographic below.)