Mo Dick Wong

Welcome to my homepage. I am a PhD student in Pure Mathematics at the Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA), and also a member of the Probability group. My supervisor is Prof. Nathanaël Berestycki.

Short CV

2018 - : Research assistant, University of Vienna

2015 - : PhD student in Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge

2014 - 2015: Master of Advanced Studies in Mathematics, University of Cambridge

2011 - 2014: Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science, University of Hong Kong

Full CV is available upon request.

Research Interest

I am primarily interested in probability and its intersection with other branches of mathematics, currently focusing on multifractal measures/processes and various other objects in random matrices and random geometry. I am also interested in mathematical statistics.

Preprints / Publications

4. Fusion asymptotics for Liouville correlation functions (with Guillaume Baverez). arXiv preprint.

3. Pre-freezing transition in Boltzmann-Gibbs measures associated with log-correlated fields. arXiv preprint.

2. On the moments of the characteristic polynomial of a Ginibre random matrix (with Christian Webb). Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., accepted.

1. Random Hermitian matrices and Gaussian multiplicative chaos (with Nathanaël Berestycki and Christian Webb). Probab. Theor. Rel. Fields, 2017.

Collaborators: Nathanaël Berestycki, Christian Webb, Guillaume Baverez .

Recent/Forthcoming Talks

  • Jun 2018: IWAP 2018, Budapest
  • Mar 2018: Probability Seminar, King's College London
  • Feb 2018: Guest lectures, ENS Paris


- University of Cambridge

  • Lent 2018: supervisions for Part II Applied Probability
  • Michaelmas 2017: example classes for Part III Advanced Probability
  • Lent 2017: supervisions for Part II Applied Probability
  • Michaelmas 2016: supervisions for Part III Advanced Probability

Contact Details

Address: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 0WA

Email: mdw46 [at]