Kweku Abraham

I am a PhD student in the Statistical Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. My research currently focusses on frequentist validity of Bayesian procedures. My supervisor is Richard Nickl.


2011-2015 BA with MMath, University of Cambridge. My Part III essay, supervised by Richard Nickl and Jakob Söhl was on Nonparametric Drift Estimation from Low-Frequency Data.

2015-present PhD student in statistical theory, University of Cambridge


[1] Nonparametric Bayesian posterior contraction rates for scalar diffusions with high-frequency data. Bernoulli, to appear.

Talks and posters

Young Researchers' Meeting in Mathematical Statistics, LPSM Paris, 24-26th September, 2018. Slides

ISBA World Meeting, Edinburgh, 24-29th June 2018. Video and slides

Uncertainty Quantification in Complex, Nonparametric Statistical Models, Lorentz Centre, 16-20th April 2018. Introductory slides and poster

Uncertainty Quantification for inverse problems in complex systems 9-13th April. Poster

Mannheim Probability and Statistics Seminar, 22nd November 2017. Slides


I have given supervisions and examples classes in the following courses.

1st year courses: Vectors and Matrices, Analysis I, Numbers and Sets, Groups2nd year courses: Metric and Topological Spaces3rd year courses: Linear Analysis, Applied Probability, Principles of StatisticsPart III: Gaussian processes, Catchup workshop on statistics
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