poem about a friend who died

Will You Ever?

I don't suppose you may

Ever totally perceive

How you have touched my life

And created ME United Nations agency i'm.

I don't suppose you'll ever apprehend

Just however really special you're,

That even on the darkest nights

You are my brightest star.

You've allowed ME to expertise

Something terribly onerous to search out,

Unconditional love that exists

In my body, soul, and mind.

I don't suppose you'll ever feel

All the love I actually have to provide,

And I'm positive you may ne'er notice

You've been my can to measure.

You are an incredible person,

And while not you i do not apprehend wherever i might be.

Having you in my life

Completes and fulfills each a part of ME.

You Were There

When tears fell from my eyes,

you were there to brush them away.

When I was lost in confusion,

you were there to mention that everything would be okay.

When I stood before you falling apart,

you were there to lend your heart.

When I felt like nobody might perceive,

you were there to require my hand.

When nobody else was left to worry,

you were there.

Inspirational Friend literary composition

When you are unhappy and depressed,

I will be here to place a smile on your face.

When you are angry and annoyed,

I will be here to calm you down.

When you are hurt and in tears,

I will be here to wipe them away and mend the pain.

When you are lonely and don't have any one,

I will be here to comfort you.

When you are feeling lovelorn and unwanted,

I will be here to inform you the way important you're.

When you are having a nasty day and wish to criticize,

I will be here to exempt steam.

When there's one thing on your mind that you just got to say,

I will be here to pay attention and perceive.

When you are lost in confusion,

I will be here to assist you work things out.

When you want you are going crazy,

I will be here to bring you back to mental health.

When you ar therefore swamped and wish to urge away,

I will be here with open arms therefore we are able to run away along.

When you are frightened and frightened,

I will be here to shield you and cause you to feel safe.

When you ar packed with worries,

I will be here to fret with you.

I promise that i'll continuously be here for my loved ones,

today, tomorrow and forever!

Special Friend literary composition

From the day that I 1st knew you,

Your heart was pure and kind;

Your smile was sweet and innocent,

Your wit was well refined.

The sparkle in your eyes was keen,

Your friendly relationship quick and real;

Soft words were your virtue,

And humor your charm.

We grew as friends along,

We laughed and shared our dreams;

Along the means crush or 2,

Went covert, it seems.

As years rolled on, our methods were split,

Our roads went separate ways;

We every pursued our interests,

That occupied our days.

We shortly forgot our vernal cloud nine,

Of tender carefree years;

We did not speak or confine bit,

Throughout life's pain and tears.

Then my darkest hour came,

And tried ME to my core;

To save my heart from ruin,

I closed and barred the door.

Then out of each obscurity,

With precise directed cue;

An recent acquainted smile,

Came slowly into read.

Although a lot of time was gone,

And the die of fate long cast;

It was as if we have a tendency to hadn't uncomprehensible,

A second of the past.

You listened with attentive care,

And confident my mind;

That i hearts ar still alive,

With purpose and style.

Deep within I've barred means,

Emotions nevertheless untold;

As time goes on, and bonds grow sturdy,

They will all unfold.

So thanks, friend, for taking time,

To demonstrate your love;

It's yet one more blessing that,

I'm unworthy.

Life Long Friend literary composition

It has meant most

Having you as an exponent.

You will continuously be a locality of ME

Until the top.

When times ar robust,

You are continuously there.

It has brightened my world

Just knowing you care.

You make ME feel the love

I have within.

You are an exponent,

A mentor, a guide.

Since we have a tendency to met,

Our friendly relationship has grownup.

While you are within the world,

I will ne'er be alone.

I feel blessed to own met

Someone such as you

And to own found a friendly relationship

So special and true.

Famous friendly relationship literary composition

I will not play at tug o' war.

I'd rather play at hug o' war,

Where everybody hugs

Instead of tugs,

Where everybody giggles

And rolls on the floor covering,

Where everybody kisses,

And everyone grins,

And everyone cuddles,

And everyone wins

Best Friend literary composition

You are my relief; you belong in my heart.

We bear ups and downs, however still nothing will tear US apart.

I know you as a sister, and that i can continuously care.

Love, respect, and trust ar the items we have a tendency to share.

I apprehend you as a person; I particularly know you as an exponent.

Our friendly relationship are some things which will ne'er finish.

Right now, this second, this minute, this day,

Our sisterhood is here, is here to remain.

My friendly relationship with you is special and true.

When we ar along, we have a tendency to stick like glue.

When i am within the darkness that wants some lightweight,

When you are by my facet, i do know things ar alright.

Our friendly relationship is therefore strong; it breaks down bars.

Our friendly relationship is additionally bright, just like the sun and therefore the stars.

If we have a tendency to were in an exceedingly competition for friendships, we'd get a gold,

Because responsibility and cleverness ar the keys we have a tendency to hold.

I met you as a alien, took you as an exponent.

I hope our long friendly relationship can ne'er finish.

Our friendly relationship is sort of a magnet; it pulls US along,

Because in spite of wherever we have a tendency to ar, our friendly relationship can last forever!

Just Friends literary composition

When I see you within the morning,

it brightens up my day.

There ar such a large amount of thoughts on my mind,

so many words i would like to mention.

I want to inform you the way I feel,

but the words I cannot notice.

They're all required with my thoughts

that ar running through my mind.

I've been keeping it barred up

because i do know there is not an opportunity.

You ne'er look my means.

You don't even take a look.

You don't even apprehend you are doing this,

toying with my heart.

I would like I might simply tell you,

but i do not apprehend wherever to begin.

Should I tell you the way a lot of you MEan to me

or however badly i would like to be with you?

If I were to mention these items

how would you react, what would you do?

Would you ne'er confer with ME again?

Would you ne'er look my way?

That would simply bring ME back

to wherever i'm nowadays.

Then i might begin everywhere

and select a unique route

to make you perceive

my feelings that need out.

I don't apprehend what to try to to

or even the way to say.

Maybe I ought to lock it up

and keep myself away.

My heart would ache even additional,

but perhaps for the nice.

I simply really need to inform you

only if I might.

Through Thick And skinny

I might skip a heartbeat, and that i would survive.

I may be in an exceedingly automotive crash and still be alive.

The clouds might fall out of the sky.

The oceans might disappear and every one flip dry.

These things in life ar all dangerous, I know,

but there is way worse things, simply thought you must apprehend.

Life wouldn't be identical while not somebody such as you.

You're there after I want you to assist ME through.

Through the nice times and thru the dangerous,

Be them happy or be them unhappy.

I don't got to be with you to understand you are there.

We don't got to see one another to understand that we have a tendency to care.

We may be apart for years upon finish

and still stay the most effective of friends.

Life goes on, and other people amendment,

And through it all, our friendly relationship shall stay identical.

That's like life and the way things come back to be.

Just thought you must acumen a lot of you mean to me!

Friends for all times

We ar friends.

I've got your back,

And you've got mine.

I'll assist you out


To see you hurt,

To see you cry,

Makes ME cry

And wanna die.

If you agree

To ne'er fight,

It would not matter

Who's wrong or right.

If a broken heart

Needs a mend,

I'll be right there

Till the top.

If your cheeks ar wet

From drops of tears,

Don't worry,

Let go of your fears.

Hand in hand

Love is distributed.

We'll be friends

Till the end!

My relief

Best friends ar angels

That God sent on.

They continuously keep beside you

Whenever things get it wrong.

I'm glad that God blessed ME,

With a decent friend like you.

A person to be there,

A person to urge ME through.

Never withdraw from ME.

I can't bear to be apart.

All the pain and suffering

Will be an excessive amount of for my heart.

You are my best friend,

The one United Nations agency brightens my day.

The one United Nations agency cheers ME up,

The one who's here to remain.


Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,

If you're my friend, please answer ME this:

Are we have a tendency to friends, or ar we have a tendency to not?

You told ME once, however I forgot.

So tell ME currently, and tell ME true,

So I will say i am here for you.

Of all the chums I've ever met,

You're the one I will not forget.

And if I die before you are doing,

I'll move to Heaven and await you,

I'll provide the angels back their wings

And risk the loss of everything.

There isn't a factor i would not do,

To have an exponent a bit like you!

Our friendly relationship

As i feel of our friendly relationship, I begin to check

Mere words cannot describe what you MEan to me.

When this cold, onerous world has ME lonesome and blue,

I find to check my angel, my sweet angel, you.

You dry the tears that fall from my eyes.

You bring ME sunshine to decorate my sky.

You rescue ME once i am frightened and alone

And take my hand to steer ME home.

No matter the miles that keep US apart,

We're continuously along in every other's hearts.

Sometimes we have a tendency to see granted, I fear,

The ones United Nations agency ar therefore shut and pricey.

We get therefore held in life and things we have a tendency to should do.

Sometimes we have a tendency to forget to prevent and say i like you.

If ever you felt I forgot or did not care,

Let ME stop right now; my true feelings i will share.

You're the sun in my sky, the bed wherever I lie.

You're the home wherever i am safe, the sphere wherever I play.

You're everything i'm, everything I do.

So what i'm locution is i like YOU!

You Are My World

You're the thought that starts every morning,

the conclusion to every day.

I envision you all told that I do

and everything I say.

You're the smile on my face,

the sparkle in my eye,

the warmth within my heart,

the fullness in my life.

The only hand that is laced to mine,

the coat upon my back.

My friend and love, you've got my heart;

I will ne'er flip back.

You're the dimple in my cheek,

the constant tingle in my soul,

the voice that produces ME weak.

You're the one United Nations agency shields the cold.

You're all I've wished,

all that i want.

You're all I dream of,

You MEan most to me.

It's extremely Up To You

One word will begin a friendly relationship,

One kiss a relationship,

One smile will bring you laughter,

One hug will show you care,

One wave of your hand will say howdy,

One tear will cause you to cry,

One light bit will heat a heart,

One dream will cause you to fly,

One song will bring back recollections,

One thought sees brighter days,

One would like will bring vibrant rainbows,

One sensible deed will bring you praise,

One moon will lightweight your darkness,

One star will guide your soul,

One step can begin every journey,

One hope to form your goal,

One hand to carry in friendly relationship,

One heart that is kind and true,

One Love...One friend, is all you would like,

It's extremely up to you.