Purpose of Deepak's Fitness world is to bring awareness about Health and Fitness. The idea is to promote fitness & healthy lifestyle with Bodyweight workout, Cycling, Running, Walk, Healthy habits including diets and all natural ways of fitness.

What Clicked for Transformation!

Now a days, everyone around is stressed out due to demanding corporate jobs, competition in  studies, businesses challenges, nuclear and separated families that too in new cities or abroad. One of all these factors exists in our lives, so with me. Every evening I used to get anxiety, fear while I was doing well at my job. With bad lifestyle was  gaining weight, breathing problems and all.

 Then, back in 2013, I started getting thoughts that at this age I am having severe health issues, how would I survive in upcoming life. I started getting more anxious about family and kids.

Then, on our wedding anniversary, we purchase a bicycle with a thought "dekhte hai, kitna chalata hu, but let's start". Since, then cycling is my first and foremost workout partner.

My First Bike - 2013

My first bike, 2013, purchased from Faridabad for INR 4000/- then. I did many milestones. I completed 50+ KMs ride on this Rider itself in 2014.

Hero Urban Terrain


Raleigh Terrain 10 - MTB

2018-Till Date

Decathlon Domyos 500 - Exercise Bike

2021-Till Date

My Transformation Journey

Self Transformation 99 kgs to 67 kgs

 My Transformation Journey started in 2013, when I gained 99 Kgs of weight. All it was because of bad lifestyle drinking, smoking, unusual & unhealthy eating habits. Started having breathing, and other health problems. That's where I started giving serious thoughts to change lifestyle and get fit. All it started with cycling, followed by basic workout at home like push-ups, Sit-ups, squats, controlled eating habits and after 2 years of  hard work I was at 67 kgs.

Next Phase was to sustain the fitness routine and keep the momentum going. During 2016 to 2019, I had to travel to USA and it was again a time when I gained weight, but during this time I was doing workout and walk there. Because family was not there, and work pressure, I used cook but on weekends mostly out for food. Hence, I could not gain but could not reduce and again I was almost 82 KGs again. 
Then, Transformation phase-2 started in 2019 and during COVID, I was able to make routine and within 6 months I got my shape again! 
Since then, it's continue.....

My Minimum Daily To-Dos

Pull - Ups

Pull-ups, not only a Back workout, but gives a great Grip, strength to the arms as well. Its mostly and "Upper Body Workout" 

Pull-ups build up several muscles of the upper body, including the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, biceps brachii etc.

Pull Ups

Push - Ups

Pushup, a full body workout. If one really wants to stay fit, this must be included in the workout routine. 

I am doing push-ups from school days. Now, its a part of Daily routine, my life.

Witness the changes in body, shape and strength in 2-3 months.

Keep Doing!


Burpees, another full body workout, a quick FAT burner without equipment If one really wants to stay fit, this must be included in the workout routine. 

Witness the changes in body, shape and strength in 2-3 months.

Keep Doing!

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