David May

Marketing and Communications Expert

Professional Experience


LA Regional Food Bank

Los Angeles, CA: 2018-Now


Milken Community Schools

Bel Air, CA: 2017-2018


Chapman University

Orange, CA: 2005-2017


Pogona Creative (consulting)

Orange/LA, CA: 2008-now

In my 15+ years of combined experience in marketing and communications, I have built and managed high-functioning teams from the ground up, created marketing plans and key performance indicators, and consistently delivered results.

With expertise in storytelling, inbound marketing, content creation and syndication, SEO/SEM, digital advertising, public relations, and many other marketing and communications tactics, I have helped raise awareness, increase revenue, and elevate my employer's brand.

In my twelve years of management, I have led teams as large as fourteen full-time employees, vendors, interns, and volunteers. I have managed million-dollar projects and advertising budgets as large as $600,000.

My time at the LA Regional Food Bank has provided ample opportunities to collaborate on marketing and public relations initiatives with major companies such as Starbucks, Albertsons, Kellogg's, Sony, Disney, and media outlets including MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, all Los Angeles television networks, the LA Times, the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, the Economist Magazine, Reuters, and many more.

Thank you for reviewing this online resume, and please contact me should you have any questions.


Master of Arts, Film Theory

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film and Television Production

Skill and Technology Matrix

Skill and Technology Matrix