Ithaca Cycling Routes

Ithaca is a "gorges" place to ride your bike. Steep hills, scenic views, windy country roads... Ithaca has it all! On this website, you will find information about about some of Ithaca's most beautiful road cycling routes. The routes vary from short to long, from asphalt to dirt, and from flat to brutal. There's a route for every cyclist!

I made this website as part of a program at Ithaca High School called WISE in the spring of 2018. WISE requires students to complete a 16 week long project during the second semester of their senior year. The project can be anything of the student's choice. For my project, I made this website to help people who are new to Ithaca or to cycling.

Click on "Find your route!" to access charts, maps, descriptions, directions, and pictures of 12 of Ithaca's most beautiful road cycling routes.

I hope this website will be a great resource for you. Thank you for visiting!

Willem van Osselaer

Starting point

Most of the routes start at East Hill Plaza. This location may seem like a random place to start the routes, but it is actually the most common meeting spot for local cyclists. Plenty of parking and easy access to Ithaca's beautiful country side make this a great place to start your ride. Many rides sponsored by the Finger Lakes Cycling Club and other local rides start at this location.