Policy & Advocacy Committee

The policy & advocacy committee identifies and takes action around policies and processes at the local, state, and federal levels that are relevant to CVRo's mission. The committee researchers issues, notifies members and committees of issues that need CVR's support, and identifies ways for members to get involved. The committee focuses on building coalitions and partnering with local leaders and affected communities.


The subcommittees of the policy & advocacy committee focus on specific issues of interest to the organization.

Environmental Subcommittee

The environmental subcommittee strives to connect and work with existing projects as well as promoting visibility of the interrelatedness of environmental and social justice issues through work with other CVR committees, while maintaining connections and cultivating community through its own work.

Immigrant Rights Subcommittee

This coming year we will be focusing on Federal and a state issues related to immigrant rights, such as reinstating DACA and a Clean Dream Act, the unconstitutional travel bans, anti immigrant bills in the PA Legislature, closing down of Berks County Detention Center, and stopping PA state police from cooperating with ICE in detaining and deporting the undocumented.

Economic Justice Subcommittee

The economic justice subcommittee focuses on addressing inequities in the economic system as well as looking to find solutions for some of the economic problems faced by the working poor, the impaired, and/or the less fortunate in our community. Specific concerns include a living wage, lack of affordable housing, the need for education and training, unemployment and equitable distribution of income and resources.

Healthcare and Education Subcommittee

The healthcare and education subcommittee focuses on promoting healthcare access for all and equitable education regardless of zip code. Some previous focuses have been protecting access speaking out against charter school funding, promoting the protection of the Affordable Care Act, and holding educational conversations centered on healthcare. To work toward these goals we’ve attended rallies, planned fundraisers, facilitated letter writing campaigns, and snail-mailed hundreds of call-to-action flyers.

Executive and Presidential Issues Committee (EPIC)

The purpose of EPIC is to take action on executive branch issues at both the national and state levels and their ramifications. Previous focus areas have been FCC Net Neutrality, blue slip tradition, and an independent investigation of Russian interference in US elections.

Racial Justice Subcommittee

The racial justice subcommittee will undertake, coordinate, and support local action projects in Cumberland County aimed at drawing attention to and mitigating the effects of racism in our community. The group will consult with other organizations that share similar goals in order act in a supportive role.

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