About Us

Our Mission

Cumberland Valley Rising is dedicated to political and educational action within our central Pennsylvania communities. This grassroots organization defends and promotes core American values, including diversity, inclusivity, freedom from bigotry and oppression, and access to education.

What We Do

Cumberland Valley Rising supports community-based political, educational, and non-profit organizations and movements that share similar values. We provide information and resources to help members engage in local politics, arrange educational opportunities for members and the community, and provide support and advocacy for groups affected by bigotry and xenophobia. Above all, CVR members are dedicated to being a visible presence in the Cumberland Valley.

‚ÄčOur Organization

Cumberland Valley Rising is led by a steering committee of members elected from within the organization. Our work is carried out through committee, where members are able to present issues and ideas and work together as one to serve our mission. Our committees serve to keep the focus of Cumberland Valley Rising sharp and to ensure all needs and functions of the organization are met. Members are able to serve on as many committees as they'd like, and meetings are open to anyone interested. Members do not have to serve on committees to be involved. General members can attend general meetings, events, and any additional meetings they feel they have time for.