Class Kits

The CSTA has a variety of class sets of equipment that are free to use for any schools registered with us. Any Canterbury school is welcome to use these kits but a charge will be incurred.

The location of these kits changes frequently due to a lack of storage in schools. Please use the current email on this website to make a booking.

To book any of these resources, contact:

Jason Aaron

Anthropological Replica Skulls

Great for teaching human evolution! The CSTA has a set of nine anthropological skulls which are free to loan to any school who is a member.

Wind Energy Kits

To help promote a better understanding of energy and the use of moving air to generate electricity, CSTA has purchased a number of Wind Energy Kits, which schools may book.

Each kit contains a wind turbine generator, sets of short, medium and long blades, a hub for clamping the blades, a mini test rig module, a multimeter and connecting cables. The kits are supplied with a large electric fan, an anemometer and a full set of instructions for completing wind energy activities.

These are free to loan to any school who is a member of the CSTA.

Recommended Online Resources

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