CSTA Practice Examinations

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CSTA Practice Examinations 2022

During 2022, the range of CSTA examinations will be restricted again to Level 1 Science and Level 2 Biology.

Level 1 Science:

  • AS 90940 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics

  • AS90944 Demonstrate understanding of acids and bases

  • AS90948 Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variation

Level 2 Biology:

  • AS91156 Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level

  • AS91157 Demonstrate understanding genetic variation and change

  • AS91159 Demonstrate understanding of gene expression

The Examination for each standard is intended as a 1 hour paper. A suggested answer schedule is provided.

We continue to try to reflect the trends of the actual papers and we listen to your comments to improve what we do.


The security of the 2022 examinations is important as they are distributed only to schools, and are only to be used as practice END OF YEAR EXAMINATIONS. So when you buy

  1. Please do not inform your students that this is a nationally distributed exam.

  2. Please do not distribute the Answer Schedules to students until after 1st November.

  3. If you are wanting to use the exam earlier, please consider using previous years papers.

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Ordering CSTA Practice Examinations 2022

Email orders to nzcstaexams@gmail.com from your school email address

Information Required:

Subject: CSTA Exam.

Message: Full School name, Contact teacher, what you want to order

Confirmation Reply:

You will receive a reply to your email to confirm receipt of your order and the price of the order.

Use my confirmation reply as a NON GST Invoice.


Pay by bank transfer to Canterbury Science Teachers Assn: 03-1592-0074015-00

In PARTICULARS - identify your school clearly. eg Sacred Heart (Christchurch)


When we confirm payment, which occurs monthly and early in the month, we email you the exams as a ‘Word” document if the exams are ready, otherwise when they are ready, which is, at the latest, by the start of term 3.

If you find yourself in a hurry for delivery, email the remittance advice of the bank transfer.